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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: RS878

Date: September, 2001

Transcribed by
sarah cooney (

  page: 07
 title: keenan goes to hell
author: austin scaggs

did the devil make him do it, or was it the half-naked 
babes?  ordinarily camera-shy tool singer maynard james 
keenan took the role of satan for director steven grasse's 
forthcoming b-movie epic, bikini bandts go to hell, where a 
gang of heavily armed (and heavily stacked) ladies kill and 
plunder.  "maynard's a natural," says grasse, whose bandits 
series has until now been an internet-only phenomenon.  "if 
he wants to be an actor, he could be huge."  and, get this, if 
you thought sinead o'connor's papal-shredding stunt pissed 
off the vatican, wait until they see dee dee ramone as the 
pope.  "i wonder if he's gonna get aggravated," says ramone 
of john paul ii.  "but i don't think he will.  he likes me."  to 
round out the cast, grasse corralled ex-dead kennedy jello 
biafra, 194 icon corey feldman and howard stern regulars 
hank tha angry drunken dwarf and gary the retard.  anybody 
else smell Oscar?

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