- election 2000 at the tool page -


From 6 PM Sunday November 6 to 10 PM Monday November 7, Pacific Time, the entire Tool site was down, replaced with a message advising people to vote, and more specifically to vote for Al Gore.

Hoo boy.

People's reactions were extremely varied, from "this is the best use of the internet I've seen" to "this is totally irresponsible" to the concise yet clear "you deserve to be killed" *. Many of the reactions, but certainly not all, are posted to a 'Sunday' reaction page and a 'Monday' reaction page.

Read them for yourselves and decide what you think. But don't mail me about it unless you really have to - I'm STILL drowning in mail about it.

I suppose the most important thing here is that you all should know this won't happen again in the future, but that I am the one who has built this web-place, and while I certainly try to keep everyone happy, this site is (like it or not) mine.

(By the way, to make amends, I dug up a 16-second clip of "No Quarter" studio as an offering ... I didn't hear one single person complain about that.)

Here are the trouble-starters. You can get to them all if you start at the beginning...

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* This came from one Derek Burden (db20207@hotmail.com) - normally I don't post
private emails without permission, but just in case this guy is serious,
I thought you all would like to have info for the authorities. Damn - it's just a Tool page.