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Info here is covered in / superseded by the FAQ, and may no longer be valid. It is provided only for historical interest.

- old news: jan - may 1999 -

[5/28/99] - You might have noticed that mail to Kabir is bouncing. This problem should clear up like a cold shortly. In their rush to fix this situation, somebody accidentally redirected the DNS for this site to some faraway machine. This should hopefully be cleared up already. Sucks to not have control of these issues.

[5/17/99] - The MP3 server has shut off temporarily, but it will be back ASAP. The fumetti (graphic novel) featuring Maynard as Charles Manson is available online at PopSmear's website. Creepy. But they did plug this site.

[5/3/99] - Shane "t.d.n-right-hand-man" Brouse plays in a band called Shunt, who are playing live Wednesday via webcast from 9pm - 11pm EDT from an Ottawa bar called The Cave. There will be a link to the show from their page. Says Shane: "we'll be playing two similar sets (for stragglers)." Dig them. As an added incentive, word is Maynard helped pick the band name.

[5/2/99] - Finally, mail/feedback is working again. Why this is important to you, I don't know. I suppose now I'm accountable again for the site. Just kidding.

[5/1/99] - Happy May! To celebrate, the mailer configuration error on this machine has still not been fixed. Sigh.

[4/25/99] - Thanks to a configuration hiccup, any mail sent in through this site since last Wednesday has disappeared into the abyss; the problem is being corrected. Stand by.

[4/17/99] - Another year, another Maynard birthday.  - The Melvins, who opened for Tool for millions of shows, are scheduled to release an album called "The Crybaby" this fall, destined to feature some as yet unknown Tool folk as guest musician(s).

[4/13/99] - Maynard will be appearing (in photography) as Charles Manson in a fumetti (a comic-book inspired story) in the May/June issue of POPsmear magazine; check the Articles section for more.

[4/7/99] - Dan Hurlburt has fixed up the broken links in the MP3 Bootleg Archive, and has added a new bootleg or two. Thanks also to Ari-Jon Laquidara ( for filling in the blanks on a lot of those files' running times.  - Thanks to all 4000 of you who offered a copy of the Maynard-Tori duet MP3; a working version will be re-posted soon.  - The Contribute section of this site has been redesigned, and updated with correct contribution procedures.

[4/6/99] - Thanks to Matt Wetzler ( and others for noticing that MTV had a 3-hour special on yesterday, showing Korn's favorite videos. "Stinkfist" (aka "Track #1") came in at #8.  - A power failure led this server to corrupt the lists of guitar tabs available for "Stinkfist" and "Sober"; this problem has been fixed, thanks to a few people who pointed it out.

[4/3/99] - For all the scoop on this year's April Fools' prank, check out the wrap-up page.  - Mr Skibone has sadly informed us that he will no longer be able to act as a mirror site for the MP3's, citing heavy load on his machine. So if you have roughly 200MB available on a fast line, let me know.

[4/2/99] - And just like that, this year's April Fools' Day joke is over. A full wrap-up / explanation will be posted shortly. Until then, suffice it to say that there are no new Tool songs available anywhere.

[3/31/99] - A little blurb has been posted for the benefit of everyone who thinks that this site is not updated enough.

[3/29/99] - Word is spreading that a demo tape of two unfinished new (!) songs has escaped onto the net, but I'm fairly skeptical. Any info on these songs being available, downloadable, or if they even exist will be posted here.  - Tool's official site is reporting that someone in the band is in jail facing charges. There is currently no other info available on this. Stand by.  - The folks who run the machine this site lives on got the opportunity to move the machine to a new ISP with a much faster connection. This is all good, but it happened really quickly; none of us found out about it until it was all done. The whole thing has been fixed up, so hopefully t.d.n was only down for about a day.

[3/17/99] - Thanks to Dave Sprinkle ( among others for submitting this sniplet from April's issue of Playboy magazine.

[3/13/99] - The Bootleg MP3's are finally back online! Dan Hurlburt ( had them all saved up from before the crash last fall, and graciously shared them back (and more) by hosting them all as Mr Skibone ( is also acting as a mirror site. Hopefully, it is all working now.

[3/5/99] - After looking the same for two or three years, the Images and Video sections have gotten facelifts; this includes some reorganization which should make things easier to find, as well as the addition of streaming RealVideo. All but one of Tool's videos are now available from here at last, but they have been online here or there for some time. As usual, if you have any bugs, let me know about them.

[3/2/99] - Happy March! Thanks to entropy, this server decided yesterday morning that this site was actually located in the same place as the default "File Not Found" message. On behalf of entropy, I apologize. Managing the migration of a 100+ MB site is a bit tricky; with so much room for error, we all hope you understand the occasional "Site Not Found" or "Bus Accident" message. (That's a joke.)  - News posts have been sparse recently because there is in fact no Tool news.

[2/16/99] - There was recently a blurb posted to SonicNet, quoting band manager Ted Gardner saying basically that the band is writing songs, that they won't go into the studio until they have finished writing, and that they might tour when they finish writing. Nothing too newsworthy. But here it is.  - Thanks to Melinda Wade ( for cleaning up the list of Tool Pages under Links; over half of the list was cleaned of dead links.  - And not only is t.d.n back on Yahoo!, but the little sunglasses are back next the link as well. Cool.

[2/7/99] - At long last, the Opinions are working again, so you can all go and expound to your hearts' content(s).

[2/4/99] - The MP3 Archive should be awake within days, the working world is interfering as usual.

[1/30/99] - As usual, the new FAQ had some errors in it, the newest version now available is dated January 29.

[1/27/99] - Anyone wondering where Maynard was Saturday night could have found him at the Troubadour in LA, making a cameo at a surprise Rage Against the Machine show. Hot damn, that's a small venue.  - After over thirteen months, a new FAQ is finally out! It probably took that long since there wasn't too much new info. Check it out.

[1/25/99] - The domain name records are updating to point to here, but in the meantime, a few adventurous souls have found the site at its temporary home. And a bunch of folks have heard the rumors that "here" is  - No word yet on the status of any new songs, except that they are not complete yet.  - MP3's are almost back, as are Tabs and (no way) Opinions. Meanwhile, everybody say "hi" to our new sysadmin / site host / philanthropist, Brian Willcott (

[1/23/99] - Yes, the band is at the beginning of practice sessions for the new album, so hopefully we won't have to wait for too long before it comes out. By the end of the year, perhaps?  - What a mess it is in here. Everything should be working again now; whether or not it is remains to be seen. Let me know if you find something broken. Various things have been cleaned up since this site was last working (for example, 15 new articles have been posted).  - And you thought t.d.n had abandoned you. Accept no imitation.

[1/5/99] - Happy New Year! Many of you probably have noticed that the address works again, thank goodness. The rest of the site has finally been recovered, and is likely going to be showing up on a temporary machine very soon (as soon as the power comes back on to the old machine ... agh) until a final home is found. So you can set your links back up to t.d.n (assuming you had one to begin with) -- thanks again for the support, and for not berating me excessively when I had no email for the last two weeks.  - It seems that I forgot to mention that as a result of the lawsuit, Tool is now at the start of a new three-album deal on the new Volcano II label.


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