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Articles marked with yellow arrow () were added in 2020. Enjoy.

December 1996, Guitar Magazine (positive review of Ænima.)
December 1996, The Scene Online Magazine (quite a good indepth review of the latest album.)
December 1996, WILMA ( no description available yet. )
December 1996, Strobe (SoCal) (Maynard avoids answering questions; entertaining)
December 1996, Metalized (a review of Ænima from Denmark)
December 1996, Axcess Magazine ( No description available yet. )
December 1996, Beat Magazine (oddly, exactly the same as the 1997 Timeoff article.)
December 1996, Spin (quite the negative album review from the trendy publication)
December 1996, Village Voice (respected paper sadly equates Tool to Marilyn Manson.)
December 1996, The Music Paper ( No description available yet. )
December 1996, The Toronto Star (front page concert review from Toronto)
December 1996, Los Angeles Times (concert review from LA, December 19th)
December 1996, Chart Magazine (LONG, entertaining interview / concert review / bio.)
December 1996, Texas Beat (good review of Ænima written by a t.d.n contributor)

November 1996, Canadian Press (some plagiarism from the FAQ, and some speculation)
November 1996, Hard Rock (French interview with Danny and Maynard)
November 1996, Seattle Univ. Reporter (LONG interview with Danny about everything)
November 1996, Melbourne Age (ambiguous yet good review of Ænima)
November 1996, Herald-Sun (Australian rag praises Ænima's healing powers.)
November 1996, Washington Post (a review of Ænima, compares it to Bon Jovi)
November 1996, Scene Magazine (interview with Adam on how things have been going)
November 1996, Winnipeg Free Press (a longer-than-usual review of Ænima)
November 1996, SLUG (SLC, Utah) (neat, different interview with Maynard)
November 1996, JAM Magazine (album review, band interview, and a look at their future)
November 1996, Huh Magazine (review + a "helpful suggestion" email response.)
November 1996, New York Times (quick so-so review of Ænima)
November 1996, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (concert review gives a nod to Tool's uniqueness all-around)
November 1996, JJJ Radio ( interview with adam )
November 1996, Microsoft Music Central ( No description available yet.)
November 1996, Rolling Stone (juicy article of Rolling Stone quality.)
November 1996, Entertainment Today (good review of Ænima)
November 1996, Mindview (a really good article; I learned some things from it)
November 1996, New Orleans Times-Picayune (concert review from New Orleans, November 9th)
November 1996, FLOW online ( No description available yet. )
November 1996, Guitar World (mini-review of Ænima)
November 1996, Eye Magazine (discussion of Tool's imagery and Bill Hicks)
November 1996, New York Daily News (negative concert review from November 21st)
November 1996, SLAMM (not such a happy Ænima review)
November 1996, The Onion (review of "Ænima")
November 1996, Spin (quite a good review from the trendy publication)
November 1996, ... (t.d.n contributor investigates the animated CD case)
November 1996, Rover Magazine (review of Ænima written by t.d.n contributor!)
November 1996, Kerrang (no description available yet.)

October 1996, Baltimore Sun (review of Ænima, a word on the "new singer")
October 1996, Metal Hammer (bringing us back up to date on where Tool have been.)
October 1996, Rocket Magazine (concert review from Seattle, October 24th.)
October 1996, San Bernardino County Sun (info on shows upcoming)
October 1996, Entertainment Weekly (blurb review of the new album.)
October 1996, Penn State Univ (favorable college paper review of Ænima)
October 1996, Variety (a concert review from Pomona, CA)
October 1996, LA Weekly (concert review from LA, October 16th.)
October 1996, Beat Magazine (gushing review of Ænima.)
October 1996, Two Brief Ænima Reviews (two little reviews of Ænima.)
October 1996, Night and Day (San Diego writer talks with Danny about content and the process)
October 1996, CMJ New Music Report (interview with justin right after joining the band)
October 1996, USA Today (another blurb review of Ænima.)
October 1996, InPress Magazine (a review of Ænima)
October 1996, TeleText (blurb on Tool and Ænima from UK TV.)
October 1996, AllStar Magazine (Review of the first "Ænima: concert)
October 1996, Georgia Straight (No description available yet.)
October 1996, Univ. of Tennesee (good chunky review of Ænima)
October 1996, Brookline HS (decent high school paper review of Ænima)
October 1996, PointCast Network (concert review from Pomona, October 22nd)
October 1996, MTV Online (world's most anti-think-for-yourself channel rips Ænima apart)
October 1996, Melbourne Herald-Sun (yet another medium-blah review of Ænima)

September 1996, (Maynard talks about jujitsu, no Tool issues at all.)
September 1996, CMJ (College Music Journal) (no description available yet.)

August 1996, Guitar World (Adam talks about Justin, long songs, and cat urine)
August 1996, Hypnotica (DC) (disturbing "inside" look at Tool)

Fall 1996, BMG Music Canada (no description available)
Fall 1996, Record Exchange Music Monitor (no description available)

Sometime 1996, Hartford Courant (no description available)
Sometime 1996, Kulture Deluxe (no description available)
Sometime 1996, Washington State University (no description available)
Sometime 1996, Eye (no description available)
Sometime 1996, Austin Chronicle (MJK talks about Bill Hicks)


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