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10,000 days

fear inoculum


lyrics to, well, everything as submitted to t.d.n

Some Tool songs undergo slight lyrical variations in each performance; Maynard's own typed versions are shown here, uncorrected, to provide you with a straight-from-the-source guide to what he has said / might say next time.

Most of these transcriptions came straight from the Man's computer. How he writes his lyrics/poetry and then translates that into music is up to him. Think of them as photographs; you don't look exactly the same in every picture, but it is still you.

Posted lyrics for "10,000 Days" are official / confirmed (except for "Lost Keys" and "Intension"). For those songs, it is sort of like the good old days of "Undertow", when there were no official lyrics available for two years, and it was every word for himself.

The redesign of this section of The Tool Page was done at lightning speed, and would not have been accomplished without the help of Systolic, Professor Pudding, awb, beLIEve, and newtnewrt from the Opinion forums.

  • 2019 update:
  • The night "Invincible" and "Descending" had their live debut, visits to this page spiked 600%.

    And now it turns out that for the first time ever, official lyrics are included in the liner notes of the new album. They are now posted here. Thanks for stopping by; hope you're all doing well.

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