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the band's stories pulling back the curtain

Tool's music can be described in many ways; the word "mysterious" comes to mind for many. But behind the curtain, there are a group of guys who are just plugging in and making music.

For years, in the early days of the Internet and this site, there was very little information available about the members of the band. Tidbits were gleaned from here and there, articles, interviews, chance encounters, and pieced together here.

Out of a desire to not appear voyeuristic or insensitive, we took care to try to maintain a balance between presenting information about the band and respecting their privacy.

Joel Mahaffey undertook the writing of the Biography section in the 1990s; although this work has not been updated much since then, it represents the beginning of this information being available online. As he wrote when he first started this, "the information that follows is by no means comprehensive."

Other websites have since built upon this foundation, but for now it is maintained here primarily as a look at how the band members' lives (and their biographies) began.

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