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paul d'amour

Paul is originally from Spokane, Washington, and is actually a guitar player first.

Paul was introduced to Tool by Adam Jones. Paul came to L.A. because of the film industry. He hadn't played music for a while and was thinking about giving it up. He was angry all the time, and Tool's music suited him perfectly.

Paul played guitar in the Replicants, a cover band that included members of Failure, performing songs by everyone from Missing Persons to T-Rex, and have a disc out on Zoo.

Paul left Tool because of a shift in his musical taste away from heavy, powerful riffs, and he wanted to do something more experimental. He formed a band called Lusk, and has released one album titled 'Free Mars.'

Birth Name : Paul M. D'Amour

Birthday : May 12, 1967

Equipment :
Bass Guitar: Ernie Ball MusicMan and Rickenbacker 4000 series
Cabinets: Mesa/Boogie

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