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Summer 1997, Lollapalooza Magazine (bio on Tool including quotes from t.d.n!!!)
Summer 1997, Hot Metal (a long, pretty decent history / analysis of Tool.)
Sometime 1997, Microsoft MusicCentral (no description available yet.)

November 1997, UPI (news item about a kid with a Tool shirt)

October 1997, hit parader ( No description available yet.)

September 1997, MTV News (then-breaking news about the label battle.)
September 1997, MTV Online (brief lawsuit update.)

August 1997, Rolling Stone (Scathing review of the first Lollapalooza 97 date)
August 1997, L.A. Times - Calendar (No description available yet.)
August 1997, Modern Drummer (Danny talks about an influential drummer)
August 1997, Circus (long positive band history & review)
August 1997, The Orange County Register (nice negative review of Lollapalooza)

July 1997, Hit Parader (A story about the live Tool experience)

June 1997, MASSIVE (no description available yet.)
June 1997, Juice (Compares Tool with other bands)
June 1997, Chat with Maynard (low signal-to-noise but still funny)

May 1997, The Austin Chronicle (Maynard talks about Bill Hicks.)
May 1997, Modern Drummer (One-paragraph-long correction, written by Danny)
May 1997, Hit Parader (good "story of Tool", deals with band member anonymity)

April 1997, MTV News Online (Two articles about t.d.n's 1997 April Fools prank)
April 1997, Circus (excellent story of why Stern hates Tool)
April 1997, Timeoff (Danny, down under, talks about touring and being a group)
April 1997, The Melbourne Age (positive concert review)
April 1997, InPress Magazine (a quite intelligent concert review.)
April 1997, Beat Magazine (a few fun concert reviews.)
April 1997, High Times (on the connection to Bill Hicks)
April 1997, Terrorizer (Two: one article, one concert review)
April 1997, Kerrang (a short review and update)
April 1997, Rave (on comedy and Justin's impact and input)

March 1997, Circus (Good article, they talk about their new art)
March 1997, SLAMM Magazine (decent interview with Danny)
March 1997, RAGE (an interview with Adam you won't see the likes of elsewhere)
March 1997, Bass Player (Justin talks about joining Tool and his style.)
March 1997, Alternative Press (very good, huge, and features a chunk on Kabir and t.d.n!)
March 1997, Guitar Magazine (No description available yet.)
March 1997, Kerrang (UK show review, less than glowing)
March 1997, Drum Media (on the text-segues and concerts)
March 1997, The Grand Rapids Press (Kalamazoo concert review by a t.d.n contributor!)
March 1997, Metal Hammer (long talk with the band about articles and the status quo.)

February 1997, BMG Music Discovery (advertising copy from BMG's circular)
February 1997, TimeOff (an interview with a disinterested Maynard)
February 1997, Modern Drummer (chock-full gargantuan interview with Danny.)
February 1997, RideBMX (a review of Ænima)
February 1997, Livewire (really long, really decent article by all counts.)
February 1997, Defacto (Adam talks about the UK situation + a review)
February 1997, Muchmusic (No description available yet.)
February 1997, Access Magazine (No description available yet.)
February 1997, Guitar World (an "interview" with the lead character in the "Sober" video)

January 1997, Circus magazine (No description available yet.)
January 1997, Car Stereo Review (cheesy but entertaining Ænima review)
January 1997, Rolling Stone (a two-sentence retraction which you should read)
January 1997, New York Daily News (a review of the "Stinkfist" video)


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