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Articles marked with yellow arrow () were added in 2020. Enjoy.

December 2001, Circus (thoughts on Tool's year)
December 2001, Hit Parader (Maynard on Tool's re-emergence)
December 2001, ProSound News (no description available)
December 2001, Q (no description available)

November 2001, The News Tribune (Seattle paper talks with Justin about upcoming show)
November 2001, The Honolulu Advertiser (concert pre-review)
November 2001, High Times (quick review of "Lateralus")
November 2001, The Seattle Times (concert pre-review)
November 2001, Ontarion (really amazing interview with Maynard on thoughts throughout "Lateralus")
November 2001, Honolulu Star-Bulletin (2 articles: concert pre-review, and review)
November 2001, The Kerrang! 2001 Yearbook (no description available)

October 2001, San Antonio Express-News (Justin talks about the band coming together)
October 2001, Houston Chronicle (concert review, Houston)
October 2001, Rolling Stone Australia (review of Melbourne show)
October 2001, The Tampa Tribune (Danny on the band growing, communicating)
October 2001, Kerrang (downcast review of NYC show)
October 2001, ( no description yet )
October 2001, Miami Herald (talk with the band about their quiet popularity)
October 2001, San Diego Union Tribune (Maynard talks world events, music, relevance, etc.)
October 2001, (concert review, October 1, New York)
October 2001, (very long interview with MJK)

September 2001, Toronto Sun (review of Toronto show - more positive)
September 2001, Tearaway Magazine (post-Auckland show interview with Maynard)
September 2001, The State newspaper (on Tool's popularity in the hard rock scene)
September 2001, The Record (pre-NYC-show comments by band, talk of 9/11/01)
September 2001, The Boston Globe (quick overview, a warmup for that night's show)
September 2001, Grand Rapids Press (review of Grand Rapids show, talk of 9/11/01)
September 2001, Australian Musician ( interview with tool about lateralus )
September 2001, Australian Guitar (*** Adam and Justin talk details of their setups!! ***)
September 2001, Rolling Stone (quick blurb on Maynard's acting)
September 2001, Toronto Star (review of Toronto show - more negative)
September 2001, Metal Edge Magazine (another quick review of "Lateralus")
September 2001, (no description available)

August 2001, San Francisco Chronicle (review of Berkeley show with King Crimson)
August 2001, San Jose Mercury News (review of Berkeley show with King Crimson)
August 2001, Variety (review of LA show with King Crimson)
August 2001, Muchmusic Spotlight (transcript of Maynard's appearance on MuchMusic)
August 2001, Seattle P-I (concert review, August 8, Seattle)
August 2001, (on Maynard in "Bikini Bandits", touring, etc.)
August 2001, Classic Rock (UK Magazine) (good article about effects of APC, having kids, the future...)
August 2001, Juice (Tool talk about their place in today's instant-gratification culture)
August 2001, MTV Online (review of Red Rocks show with King Crimson)
August 2001, Blunt (pre-show interview in Sydney)
August 2001, Q Magazine (Tool - the Radiohead of metal?)
August 2001, The Inside Connection (no description available)
August 2001, Q Magazine (no description available)
August 2001, Gaffa (no description available)
August 2001, Soundi (no description available)

July 2001, Request (review of "Lateralus")
July 2001, Hit Parader (nice article on Tool's place in music)
July 2001, Replay Club Newsletter (review of "Lateralus")
July 2001, The Daily Telegraph (Aussie paper talks with Danny)
July 2001, Rolling Stone (review of NYC show, May 20)
July 2001, Guitar Magazine (Justin talks about the writing process)
July 2001, Plugged In (cute review of "Lateralus")
July 2001, Alternative Press (good review of "Lateralus")
July 2001, HUMO (Belgian weekly) (amusing Belgian review of "Lateralus")
July 2001, Drum Media (Maynard talks about King Crimson, lame bands, and Happy Meals)

June 2001, Guitar Player (good interview with Adam, lots of technical guitar talk)
June 2001, Guitar World (great interview with Adam about the songwriting process and lame labels. )
June 2001, Time Magazine (major magazine features Tool on the return of metal)
June 2001, Penthouse (long article, on a visit with Tool in the studio)
June 2001, (review of "Lateralus")
June 2001, Spin (long decent cover story, full of pop-culture comparisons ... I mean, it's Spin.)
June 2001, HearSay (review of "Lateralus")
June 2001, Sydney Tribe On-line (review of "Lateralus")
June 2001, Aardschok (Dutch metal mag) (Translated article stating Tool is continuing)
June 2001, Metro (solid pre-concert review)
June 2001, Slant Magazine (mostly positive review of "Lateralus")
June 2001, Reuters (on the state of Tool)
June 2001, CDNOW (very good interview with Danny and Maynard)
June 2001, Terrorizer (long talk with Danny and Justin before "Lateralus" came out)
June 2001, Across the Line (Irish concert review)
June 2001, (David Bottrill talks about tech issues with producing "Lateralus")
June 2001, The New Music (excellent article answers a lot of Toolish questions)
June 2001, Entertainment Weekly (up and down "Lateralus" review)
June 2001, Modern Drummer (fantastic interview with Danny, focuses on rhythm)
June 2001, The Nashville Scene ("Lateralus" vs. Radiohead)
June 2001, Metal Hammer (two: getting to "Lateralus"; review of "Lateralus")
June 2001, Weekender (Australian newspaper mag.) (on the lack of mystery in music)
June 2001, The Star Ledger (strange review of "Lateralus")
June 2001, Exclaim (a Tool timeline)
June 2001, Esky Magazine (very good story of Tool - includes jab at this site by MJK)
June 2001, Rolling Stone RS870 (RS comes through with a great review of "Lateralus")
June 2001, (review of "Lateralus")
June 2001, (about "Run, Ronnie, Run" and Titannica)
June 2001, Kerrang! Magazine (no description available)

May 2001, (excellent interview with Tori Amos about Maynard)
May 2001, LA Daily News (scathing review of "Lateralus")
May 2001, Orlando Sentinel (review of "Lateralus")
May 2001, Billboard 200 (review of May 20 NYC concert)
May 2001, MTV News Online (will Tool make their own "The Wall"?)
May 2001, Bass Player (great cover story interview with Justin)
May 2001, The Dallas Morning News (review of "Lateralus")
May 2001, NME (famous rag offers its take on Tool)
May 2001, USA Today (McNews reviews "Lateralus")
May 2001, Oor (outstanding Dutch article covers a recording phase in depth)
May 2001, Expressen (Swedish newspaper) (Swede review of "Lateralus")
May 2001, (review of May 15 Atlanta show)
May 2001, Rip It Up (a clandestine listen to "Lateralus" yields this interview)
May 2001, (review of "Lateralus")
May 2001, (good recap of the charts from release week of "Lateralus")
May 2001, Rock Sound (the band talks in detail about their process and "Lateralus")
May 2001, De Volkskrant (Dutch newspaper) (Dutch review of "Lateralus")
May 2001, Kerrang (metal mag's review of "Lateralus" and older Tool)
May 2001, Aggro Active (trade magazine has excellent interview with Maynard)
May 2001, The Onion (unconvinced review of "Lateralus")
May 2001, Modern Drummer (Short "Salival" drumming review)
May 2001, The Age Newspaper (Aussie paper on listening session with MJK and AJ)
May 2001, Atlanta Journal Constitution (review of "Lateralus")
May 2001, (quick review of "Lateralus")
May 2001, JAM Showbiz (review of "Lateralus")
May 2001, (review of "Lateralus")
May 2001, VG (National newspaper in Norway) (negative "Lateralus" review)
May 2001, Entertainment Weekly (noncommittal review of "Lateralus")
May 2001, ICE (very good pre-review of "Lateralus", some good nitty gritty)
May 2001, MeanStreet (the band talks about the state of pretty much everything)
May 2001, fm Sound (review of "Lateralus")
May 2001, Pi Univ. of London Mag. (cool history / analysis of Tool, references this site)
May 2001, Entertainment Tonight ("Lateralus" review plus brief MJK discussion of two bands)
May 2001, Wall of Sound (review of "Lateralus")
May 2001, Sain Magazine (interview with the whole band, bit of an Aussie-focus)
May 2001, (review of "Lateralus")
May 2001, Politiken (Danish review of "Lateralus")
May 2001, The Oregonian (on APC delaying Tool)
May 2001, The Boston Phoenix (good review of "Lateralus" and talk of Tool's effect on music)
May 2001, JJJ Radio (no description available)
May 2001, (no description available)
May 2001, E! Online (no description available)
May 2001, (no description available)
May 2001, NME (no description available)
May 2001, (no description available)
May 2001, Soundi (no description available)

April 2001, Guitar World (short update on Tool's whereabouts)
April 2001, Rock Sound (a fine review of "Salival")
April 2001, Tool Webcast (transcript of April 17 webcast)
April 2001, Kerrang (detailed pre-review of "Lateralus")
April 2001, Spin (Maynard is #7 on the list of influential artists for 2001)
April 2001, (In case you knew nothing about Tool. )
April 2001, Pulse Tower's Music Monthly (Danny talks in this pre-review of "Lateralus")
April 2001, Revolver (Adam talks about "Lateralus" and the wait)
April 2001, (two: one on streaming "Schism", one on US dates)
April 2001, (pre-review of "Lateralus")
April 2001, Webcast (transcript of band chat on official site)
April 2001, Soundi (no description available)

March 2001, Grand Rapids Press (Overview and recap of Tool's status quo)
March 2001, Yahoo Music (short "Lateralus" pre-review )
March 2001, Kerrang (long, really excellent article on the state of things)
March 2001, OOR (Dutch magazine) (two: Danny on legal wranglings / the wait; plus "Salival" review)
March 2001, Alternative Press (short "Salival" review)
March 2001, CDNow (the first in-depth "Lateralus" review)
March 2001, Guitar World (frank "Salival" review)
March 2001, (short pre-review of "Lateralus")

February 2001, Rolling Stone (the "Salival" review)
February 2001, Kerrang (two: first review of five new songs; review of "Salival")
February 2001, MTV Online (info on the Tapeworm, "Vacant", APC situation)
February 2001, SPIN (Maynard's top five of 2000)
February 2001, Dot Music (no description available)

January 2001, Basement Medicine (VT College Newspaper) ("Salival" review)
January 2001, (Pinfield on Maynard, good interview)
January 2001, Alternative Press (first major interview in a looong time
January 2001, The Riverfront Times (fun, disparaging review of "Salival")
January 2001, (Overview of the fake album title situation)
January 2001, CDNow (short rip on Tool's fake album name game)
January 2001, Maxim Magazine (trendy mag shows why trendy people suck in this "Salival" review)

Sometime 2001, (no description available)


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