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This site is no longer being updated. See here for details. Follow me here (and here) for updates. Thank you for 22 great years.


The Tool Page aims to be the definitive Tool web resource, but there a lot of other Toolish pages out there which you might find interesting. This is an attempt to list them.

t.d.n is not responsible for the content of these sites. So there.

official sites seems so familiar


  • Tool's Official Site
  • Arty site includes chatrooms, neat Flash animations, and occasional Tool info.

  • Dissectional
  • The band presents a lot of eye candy, clearly designed to make your brain explode.

  • Tool Army
  • Tool's official fan club, featuring exclusives straight from the band. Requires paid membership.

  • Danny's official site.

  • Maynard. What a guy.

other toolish sites a cavern of treasures

  • Caduceus Winery
  • Maynard's winery. Yes, really.

  • Tool Tabs
  • Nolan Venhola's outstanding array of tabs for Tool songs.

  • Toology
  • A fan site that won over many ... well ... fans.

  • Alex Grey
  • Alex's paintings have appeared in the liner notes of Tool's recent albums.

  • Flower of Life
  • Information about the flower of life philosophy, as mentioned in "Forty-Six & 2".

  • The Art Bell Show
  • The show that produced the radio clip featured on "Faaip de Oiad."

  • Ramiro Rodriguez
  • Artwork by Ramiro Rodriguez, whose work has been reproduced on Tool T-shirts, posters, and albums.

  • Happy Pencil
  • Cam de Leon's artwork done for Tool on several Albums

  • The official page of Dannys Tabla teacher

  • A Perfect Circle's official site
  • It's the official site. You know what to expect.

Back in the mid-90s, it was common for bands to have no official site, one or two popular websites, and maybe a hundred small startups. When the Links section first opened here, the idea was that anybody with their own Tool site could freely post their link here.

With the advent of bands' official sites, the quality of maintenance of the smaller sites decreased; link posting had gotten out out of control by 2002, and this page was littered with bad / defunct links.

Now, finally, gentrification has come through; the list has been cleaned up, and link posting has been permanently disabled. (But if we've missed a really amazingly worthwhile and relevant site, we will certainly add it).