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When Tool used to send out an occasional newsletter via snail mail in the 1990s, they would sometimes suggest books for fans to read; perhaps to get better acquainted with the mindset of the band.

These recommended reading lists they once mailed out have been collated into this one master list, which has been posted to The Tool Page since July 1997.

All book titles, author info, and comments were copied directly from the original newsletters and have not been modified; all comments are from the band's own newsletter, not from me. No new books have been on their list since roughly 2001.

As I understand it, many fans have ventured down this path seeking some sort of further understanding. Good luck.

reading list yes they still make books

  • Behold the Protong!
  • by Stanislav Szukaslsi
    This artist/sculptor created and wrote more by age 30 than DaVinci did his whole life. Any collection of works you can find by this man is well worth the effort.
  • Love and Sleep and AEGYPT
  • by John Crowley
    John is a master of layering patterns and synchronicities. In these books he explores the possibilities of there being many histories to the world.
  • And the Ass Saw the Angel
  • by Nick Cave
    This is a twisted beautiful story of a mute, persecuted boy's view of the world outside a self-righteous religious community.
  • The Wasp Factory
  • by Iain Banks
    A macabre look at an adolescent's feeling that something is missing.
  • Squeak the Mouse
  • by Massimo Mattioli
    Sexual, homicidal rodents. Nothing more but certainly no less.
  • Nothing In This Book Is True ...
  • by Bob Frissell
    Sacred geometry and the evolution of human consciousness. I think this is a very important book in helping us understand our connection with the universe through mathematics.
  • Earth
  • by David Brin
    A frightening look at one possible future for man.
  • Art and Physics
  • by Leonard Shlain
  • Diary Of A Genius
  • by Salvador Dali
    It's always interesting to slip into an overly creative person's thoughts
  • Interior Design with Feng Shui
  • by Sarah Rossbach
    Setting up your environment in order to take advantage of all available energies.
  • Archaic Revival
  • by Terence McKenn
    Enlightening perspectives on hallucinogens and culture.
  • The Dancing Wu Li Masters

  • The Mayan prophecies

  • The Legacy of the Beast

  • The Age Of Reason
  • by Thomas Paine
    Publisher: Promethus Books ISBN: 0879752734
  • Holy Blood, Holy Grail
  • by Michael Baignet, Richard Leigh & Henry Lincoln
    Publisher: Dell Publishing Co. ISBN: 0440136482
  • What The Buddha Taught
  • by Walpola Rahula
    Publisher: Grove Press ISBN: 080213031
  • Fourth Way
  • by P. D. Ouspensky
    Publisher: Random House ISBN: 0394716728
  • 4 Treatises of Theophratus Von Hohenheim Called Paracelus
  • by Paracelus
    Publisher: John Hopkins Univ. ISBN: 0801855233
  • The Origin Of Satan
  • by Elaine Pagels
    Publisher: Vintage Books ISBN: 0679731180
  • Dune
  • by Frank Herbert
    Publisher: Ace Books ISBN: 0441172717
  • One Hundred Years Of Solitude
  • by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    Publisher: Knopf ISBN: 0679444653
  • Crime and Punishment
  • by Fyodor Dostoevsky
    Publisher: Oxford Univ. Press ISBN: 0192823582
  • Black Spring
  • by Henry Miller
    Publisher: Grove Press ISBN: 0802131824
  • American Psycho
  • by Bret Easton Ellis
    Publisher: Random House ISBN: 0679735771
  • Hellboy: The Lost Army
  • by Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden
    Publisher: Dark Horse Comics ISBN: 1569711852 (Also check out Hellboy on Dark Horse Comics)
  • High Priest
  • by Timothy Leary
    Publisher: Ronin Publishing ISBN: 1914171801

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