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tool madness 2011 forty-six and two and sixteen more

At the start of Tool Madness, we asked you to submit your picks for who you thought would reach the Final 4. It's time to look into your picks...


Of the many picks submitted, there were 1,621 valid ballots for the Final 4. Starting at the end of the Sweet 16 round, only 75 people still are in the running to have a perfect Final 4. (Unfortunately, I picked "Right in Two" and "Flood" to make it, so I didn't make the cut).

Below are the Final 4 picks of:
- the 75 people mentioned above
- the 130 people who picked three correctly
- More to come.


The original submission form had a typo on it; here's how this adds up:

Each Correct Final 4 Pick = 1 point
Getting All 4 Correct Bonus = 2 points (marked with a °)
Each Correct Finalist Pick = 4 points
Correct Champion Pick = 6 points

Your picks to reach the finals have blue backgrounds.

Your picks to win it all have outlined boxes.

Maximum Possible Score: 20

Josh Abbott °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days20 1ST PLACE
alexcalva °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days20 2ND PLACE (tie)
Evan °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days20 2ND PLACE (tie)
kogeirkin °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days20
Jordan Dunning °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days20
Existence °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days20
will stewart °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days20
Charlie Gallagher °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days20
David Agaybi °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days20
chris velanis °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days20
Jack (Uncle) °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days20
BbbBRanson °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days20
kozminoivci °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days20
Drumsick °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days20
Dustin H °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days20
MaNuNoize °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days20

avtaperSoberThird EyeLateralusRosetta Stoned17
TinaTurnerSoberThird EyeLateralusVicarious17
gu81424SoberThird EyeLateralusVicarious17
ARTresSoberThird EyeLateralusThe Pot17
LukeSoberThird EyeLateralusThe Pot17
AbbaSoberThird EyeLateralusRosetta Stoned17
beveSoberThird EyeLateralusRosetta Stoned17
Ingo NeumannSoberThird EyeLateralusRosetta Stoned17
semi-sentientSoberThird EyeLateralusRight in Two17
Brian DicksonSoberThird EyeLateralusRight in Two17
raoul dukePrison SexThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days17
petterikSoberThird EyeLateralusRight in Two17
JonSoberThird EyeLateralusRight in Two17
Jeff RichardsSoberThird EyeLateralusRosetta Stoned17
ZinnthraxSoberThird EyeLateralusVicarious17
JimmySoberThird EyeLateralusRosetta Stoned17
StagSoberThird EyeLateralusRosetta Stoned17
FroudieSoberThird EyeLateralusWings for Marie17
McRogglesFloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days17
henri_dsFloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days17
golden calfFloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days17
SteveFloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days17
StuebiFloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days17
RAIDERPRIDE666BottomThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days17
SushiMaan44FloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days17
ATLMikeFloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days17
KadokaUndertowThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days17
Chuck GSoberThird EyeLateralusVicarious17
chrispySoberThird EyeLateralusVicarious17
BenSoberThird EyeLateralusVicarious17
DyanesSoberThird EyeLateralusVicarious17
neondistractionSoberThird EyeLateralusVicarious17
AshleyPrison SexThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days17
DanSoberThird EyeLateralusWings for Marie17
highpriestSoberThird EyeLateralusVicarious17
JimrobSoberThird EyeLateralusRosetta Stoned17
tapani parantaSoberThird EyeLateralusJambi17
Tuba_ThomSoberThird EyeLateralusJambi17
aroque22SoberThird EyeLateralusJambi17

3rdEyeJediPrison SexThird EyeLateralusJambi16
JD Schmidt °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days16

Corey Nunnally °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days14
siddhant °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days14
Shane °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days14
Eric Looge °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days14
Pierreman °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days14
Sprout °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days14
Tav °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days14

TaxtSoberStinkfistLateralus10,000 Days13
Jake KirkendollSoberPushit (Salival)Lateralus10,000 Days13
AngelsinthefleshSoberPushit (Salival)Lateralus10,000 Days13
Arttu PaajanenSoberPushit (Salival)Lateralus10,000 Days13
CribSoberPushit (Salival)Lateralus10,000 Days13
Twisted TexanSoberPushit (Salival)Lateralus10,000 Days13
FrankSoberPushit (Ænima)Lateralus10,000 Days13
MehdiSoberPushit (Ænima)Lateralus10,000 Days13
NJsanchoSoberPushit (Salival)Lateralus10,000 Days13
nighserenitySoberPushit (Salival)Lateralus10,000 Days13
jsadowskySoberStinkfistLateralus10,000 Days13
KratosSoberStinkfistLateralus10,000 Days13
BlaineSoberThird EyeLateralusJambi13
jmkees1SoberForty-Six & 2Lateralus10,000 Days13
physicsgeekSoberEulogyLateralus10,000 Days13
jmkees1SoberForty-Six & 2Lateralus10,000 Days13
nathanSoberH.Lateralus10,000 Days13
Jason D. from Auburn, WASoberPushit (Salival)Lateralus10,000 Days13
RichardSoberEulogyLateralus10,000 Days13
3xGSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days13
Nicholas HernandezSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days13
Jim DSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days13
Christopher StewartSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days13
bvoigtSoberThird EyeLateralusVicarious13
AngelaSoberPushit (Salival)Lateralus10,000 Days13
Jason CarpenterSoberThird EyeLateralusVicarious13
dpattetsonSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days13
h.TheShadowSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days13
Doug PetkanicsSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days13
Brian LelasSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days13
AdriaSoberEulogyLateralus10,000 Days13
BillySoberEulogyLateralus10,000 Days13
Kevin W.SoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days13
Maarten van MeerSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days13
CaseySoberStinkfistLateralus10,000 Days13
RodentSoberStinkfistLateralus10,000 Days13
TiresiasSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days13
RyanSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days13
RWolSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days13
WillSoberForty-Six & 2Lateralus10,000 Days13
brendaSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days13
MOOKSoberPushit (Ænima)Lateralus10,000 Days13
Thnk4urselfOpiateThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days13
Tyler WynneSoberForty-Six & 2Lateralus10,000 Days13
ReneSoberThird EyeLateralusRosetta Stoned13
JeremySoberThird EyeLateralusThe Pot13
HalaSoberThird EyeLateralusRosetta Stoned13
calebSoberForty-Six & 2Lateralus10,000 Days13
Medicated Peaceful MSoberThird EyeLateralusRight in Two13
DanSoberForty-Six & 2Lateralus10,000 Days13
Max SteinSoberForty-Six & 2Lateralus10,000 Days13
Mark KellerSoberForty-Six & 2Lateralus10,000 Days13
TravisGSoberForty-Six & 2Lateralus10,000 Days13
jelugocSoberForty-Six & 2Lateralus10,000 Days13

SamboPrison SexStinkfistLateralus10,000 Days12

BeelzebudCold & UglyThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days11
AshleyThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days11
Stevie WonderFloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days11
LandoSoberThird EyeLateralusJambi11
Jon FriskSoberThird EyeLateralusJambi11
idioticidealistSoberThird EyeLateralusJambi11
toolhead86SoberThird EyeLateralusJambi11
Eric WSoberThird EyeLateralusJambi11
JonesSoberThird EyeLateralusJambi11
MattSoberThird EyeLateralusVicarious11
Sean KillianPrison SexThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days11
SitimaPrison SexThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days11
MotherpuncherSoberThird EyeLateralusVicarious11
KeithSoberThird EyeLateralusVicarious11
skiridie_rockiesSoberThird EyeLateralusVicarious11
david2SoberThird EyeLateralusRosetta Stoned11
WildBill9478SoberThird EyeLateralusRosetta Stoned11
Ibo K PayneSoberThird EyeLateralusRight in Two11
shaunFloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days11
NeelSoberThird EyeLateralusJambi11
Big DawgzSoberThird EyeLateralusJambi11
alhamarSoberThird EyeLateralusJambi11
Big Fat MattFloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days11
ChrisFloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days11
Ryan461FloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days11
AemitisFloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days11
cloneOpiateThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days11
Maynard1978UndertowThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days11
downertoolUndertowThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days11
Paul BorazioUndertowThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days11

winksPrison SexThird EyeLateralusJambi10

AL DAVISBottomThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days7
mu14Third EyeLateralus10,000 Days7
BenjaminFloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days7
PieroIntoleranceThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days7
ToddFloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days7
william swiftFloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days7
BorselSoberForty-Six & 2Lateralus10,000 Days7
TomUndertowThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days7
PauloSoberThird EyeReflection10,000 Days7
J. WalkerSoberThird EyeSchism10,000 Days7
TherapistSoberForty-Six & 2Lateralus10,000 Days7
JonPrison SexThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days7
MichaelSoberForty-Six & 2Lateralus10,000 Days7
PictoSoberThird EyeLateralusRosetta Stoned7
sean connollySoberThird EyeLateralusRosetta Stoned7
Omerta21SoberThird EyeLateralusJambi7
JimmySoberThird EyeThe Grudge10,000 Days7
Sam RSoberThird EyeLateralusRosetta Stoned7
EvanSoberStinkfistLateralus10,000 Days7
Brandon DeanSoberThird EyeLateralusThe Pot7
Garrett MacgowanSoberThird EyeReflection10,000 Days7
oblivionFloodThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days7
CooperSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days7
SeanmSoberPushit (Salival)Lateralus10,000 Days7
crincledSoberStinkfistLateralus10,000 Days7
AndySoberThird EyeThe Grudge10,000 Days7
DawsonSoberStinkfistLateralus10,000 Days7
Nathan DevlinSoberThird EyeLateralusVicarious7
MattSoberThird EyeLateralusRosetta Stoned7

a462treadingh20 °SoberThird EyeLateralus10,000 Days6
Justin Q.Prison SexStinkfistLateralus10,000 Days6
Randy Prison SexStinkfistLateralus10,000 Days6
arglefudPrison SexThird EyeThe Grudge10,000 Days6

KopistarSoberStinkfistLateralus10,000 Days3
KentSoberThird EyeSchism10,000 Days3
KeaneSoberThird EyeParabola10,000 Days3
AuzrahSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days3
Craig HamatiSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days3
Sean DSoberForty-Six & 2Lateralus10,000 Days3
yardbirdSoberThird EyeThe Grudge10,000 Days3
Trevor VSoberStinkfistLateralus10,000 Days3
LachrymologistismSoberÆnemaLateralus10,000 Days3
Tyler D.SoberThird EyeParabola10,000 Days3

ClayPrison SexStinkfistLateralus10,000 Days2
Amirpasha VSoberStinkfistThe Grudge10,000 Days2
ren444SoberStinkfistThe Grudge10,000 Days2

° picked all four Final 4 correctly.

242 of you got no picks right, and earned 0 points.
There are also 1200 of you with at least 1 point who aren't listed here ... yet.

More Stats

Entering the Elite 8 Round:
- 136 of you got all four picks wrong.
- 471 had three incorrect picks, with one pick that may yet be good.
- 641 had two incorrect picks, with two picks that may yet be good.
- 298 had one incorrect pick, with three picks that may yet be good.
- 75 had made no incorrect picks yet.

Final 4 Picks from Opiate & Undertow:
Intolerance 51 3%
Prison Sex 287 18%
Sober 770 47%
Bottom 28 2%
Crawl Away 12 1%
Swamp Song 16 1%
Undertow 93 6%
64 4%
Flood 201 12%
Disgustipated 6 0%
Sweat 0 0%
Hush 3 0%
Part of Me 11 1%
Cold & Ugly 9 1%
Jerk-Off 15 1%
Opiate 56 3%
Final 4 Picks from Ænima:
Stinkfist 275 17%
Eulogy 91 6%
H. 55 3%
Useful Idiot 0 0%
Forty-Six & 2 288 18%
Message to Harry Manback 1 0%
Hooker With a Penis 15 1%
Intermission 1 0%
jimmy 4 0%
Die Eier von Satan 0 0%
Pushit (Ænima) 68 4%
Pushit (Salival) 174 11%
Cesaro Summability 0 0%
Ænema 302 19%
(-) Ions 1 0%
Third Eye 347 21%
Final 4 Picks from Lateralus & Salival:
The Grudge 109 7%
Eon Blue Apocalypse 1 0%
The Patient 46 3%
Mantra 0 0%
Schism 257 16%
Parabol 12 1%
Parabola 129 8%
Ticks & Leeches 40 2%
Lateralus 894 55%
Disposition 2 0%
Reflection 76 5%
Triad 11 1%
Faaip de Oiad 0 0%
No Quarter 37 2%
Merkaba 0 0%
You Lied 8 0%
Final 4 Picks from 10,000 Days & Others:
Vicarious 355 22%
Jambi 250 15%
Wings for Marie 10 1%
10,000 Days (Wings pt. 2) 292 18%
The Pot 242 15%
Lipan Conjuring 0 0%
Lost Keys 1 0%
Rosetta Stoned 257 16%
Intension 7 0%
Right in Two 184 11%
Viginti Tres 0 0%
The Gaping Lotus Experience 2 0%
Message to Harry Manback II 0 0%
L.A.M.C. 1 0%
Maynard's Dick 16 1%
Divorced (Melvins + Tool) 5 0%

Once the Final 4 is complete, we'll start revealing who picked which songs to advance to the finals.

Yes, some people have identical entries. If a group of them wins, it will come down to the tiebreaker answer they provided in their original ballots.

Check back tomorrow for updated results!

Back to Tool Madness.

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