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tool madness 2011 forty-six and two and sixteen more

Table of Winners

Winning Percentage
m16: Eulogy def. Cesaro Summability98.8%
m14: Ænema def. Useful Idiot98.8%
m24: Parabola def. Mantra98.2%
m27: Rosetta Stoned def. Message to Harry Manback II97.9%
m25: Vicarious def. Viginti Tres97.6%
m22: Lateralus def. Merkaba97.6%
m13: Forty-Six & 2 def. Intermission97.6%
m30: Jambi def. L.A.M.C.97.3%
m09: Stinkfist def. (-) Ions96%
m17: Schism def. Faaip de Oiad95.8%
m11: Hooker with a Penis def. Message to Harry Manback94.3%
m28: Right in Two def. The Gaping Lotus Experience94.1%
m32: The Pot def. Divorced94%
m48: The Pot def. Lost Keys92.1%
m12: H. def. Die Eier von Satan91.6%
m26: 10,000 Days def. Wings for Marie91.4%
m47: Jambi def. Intension89.2%
m20: The Grudge def. You Lied88.6%
m23: Ticks & Leeches def. Eon Blue Apocalypse88%
m01: Sober def. Disgustipated86.4%
m43: Lateralus def. The Patient86.3%
m54: Lateralus def. Parabola81.8%
m21: The Patient def. Triad80.7%
m08: Prison Sex def. Cold & Ugly80.2%
m62: Lateralus def. 10,000 Days79.7%
m59: Lateralus def. The Grudge79%
m42: The Grudge def. No Quarter77.6%
m15: Third Eye def. Jimmy76.1%
m18: Reflection def. Disposition76%
m36: Prison Sex def. Bottom74.9%
m31: Lost Keys def. Lipan Conjuring74.9%
m38: H. def. Hooker with a Penis74.8%
m02: Flood def. Hush74.6%
m35: Intolerance def. Crawl Away73.9%
m61: Third Eye def. Sober72.9%
m44: Parabola def. Ticks & Leeches71.4%
m06: Intolerance def. Jerk-Off67.5%
m50: Prison Sex def. Intolerance67.1%
m07: Bottom def. Part of Me66.9%
m56: Jambi def. The Pot66%
m49B: Sober def. 4°62.2%
m49A: Sober def. Undertow61.8%
m04: 4° def. Swamp Song60.8%
m19: No Quarter def. Parabol59.6%
m10: Pushit (Salival) def. Pushit (Ænima)58.7%
m51: Stinkfist def. H.58.5%
m58: Third Eye def. Stinkfist58.2%
m29: Intension def. Maynard's Dick58.1%
m53: The Grudge def. Schism57.4%
m05: Crawl Away def. Sweat56.3%
m33: Sober def. Flood56.2%
m45: 10,000 Days def. Vicarious55.7%
m40: Third Eye def. Eulogy54.8%
m57: Sober def. Prison Sex54.7%
m55B: 10,000 Days def. Right in Two54.6%
m60: 10,000 Days def. Jambi54%
m37: Stinkfist def. Pushit (Salival)52.7%
m03: Undertow def. Opiate52.6%
m41: Schism def. Reflection52.3%
m55A: 10,000 Days def. Rosetta Stoned51.9%
m52: Third Eye def. Forty-Six & 251.4%
m39: Forty-Six & 2 def. Ænema50.7%
m34: Undertow TIED 4°50%
m46: Right in Two TIED Rosetta Stoned50%

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Second Round
Sweet 16 Round
Elite 8 Round
Semifinals/Final Round

Yellow bars represent matchups where the winner beat a segue, bonus track, or non-Tool song.

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