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Info here is covered in / superseded by the FAQ, and may no longer be valid. It is provided only for historical interest.

- old news: mar - apr 2000 -

[4/19/00] - This site has been been awarded "Best Fan Site of the Year" by the Official Tool Site, along with a special mention in their links and news sections. They thank the makers of this site, who now in turn thank you for spending your time online here and not at a Hootie fan site. Word.

[4/11/00] - What a lot of news there is considering nothing is going on. A new Official Newsletter was emailed out yesterday; it resembles a mini-FAQ detailing various recent issues. You can read it, then check out the older issues, in the Community section.

[4/10/00] - Live and learn. The MP3's were only successfully back for six hours, before being shut down because they were taking up all available bandwidth to the host ISP. Word from Brian, our trusty site host, is that they will "be down for another week or so, to recover from the chaos caused by opening day." At least they were actually back.

[4/9/00] - The site that first brought them all together is finally offering them again: the Bootleg MP3's are back online, after only 18 months. This includes the Rage/Tool track, which somehow slipped through the cracks and got removed from this site. A stab at lyrics is also posted. Let me know if you want to be an MP3 mirror site (requires 630+ MB and a T1+).

[4/7/00] - At last, someone has broken the silence about the other domain name Tool owns (and has had registered for some time): There isn't much there, but Adam did mention it to someone online recently.  - Howard Stern is at it again. The radio show host yesterday morning apparently turned down a request by "A Perfect Circle's singer and drummer" to appear on the show, citing his continued hostility over the "No Quarter" incident. (Back when Stern's movie was coming out, he got upset with Tool because they didn't agree to let him use their song on his soundtrack after the record label had OK'd it without the band's permission.)  - The new issue of Guitar One has an "All Stars 2000" article. Adam is ranked 3rd in the category "Best Riff Architect." Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello says about Tool: "their music has an intensity and heaviness that takes the absolute best elements of hard rock/heavy metal and drains all the bullshit out of it." Thanks to a whole bunch of people for mailing that in.

[4/6/00] - Various news outlets have had articles recently about Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle; some claim that APC is "fronted by Maynard, former singer of Tool." They've got it all wrong, kids, Maynard is still very much a part of the band. Don't panic.  - Complete A Perfect Circle tour dates are available, in the Tour section of this site and numerous other places.  - This server has probably seemed very slow for users in some parts of the country due to some routing problem that is way beyond our control. Should be fixed soon.

[4/1/00] - "Fear not, there is no April Fools' joke this year," it said here all day. But that was all part of the fun. Check out the whole story of this year's April Fools' joke, and remember, there is NO Tool / Helmet show happening.

[3/30/00] - Rumors are flying around that Tool is playing the Roskilde Festival this summer in Denmark. As of now, it is nothing more than a rumor.  - Thanks to all of you for bringing this site to a new milestone: in March, the number of visitors increased to 7000 - 9000 daily!! We may hit 10,000 by the time the News page has its 5th anniversary this summer.  - As I've said before, this site will not become an A Perfect Circle fansite; having a full time job would really just make that impossible and silly. While t.d.n will of course have information on major APC / Maynard happenings, you will now be referred to this unofficial site: Tell them you heard it here (unless you heard it somewhere else).

[3/27/00] - A few people have shared some info about Maynard's involvement in the new Deftones album "White Pony." Due out June 20 and produced by Terry Date, the record has a track called "Input" featuring Maynard on vocals (as well as their own singer, Chino), as well as a song featuring Cypress Hill's B-Real. Thanks to and SmellyHand ( for the news.  - The official Tool site has gone down for a few days due to server problems. It will be back real soon.

[3/25/00] - Tool's official site has been updated at last.  - It is confirmed; David Fincher is directing the "Judith" video, as mentioned below.

[3/23/00] - This was posted to last week (but someone forgot to post it here): it seems David Fincher, director of "Fight Club" and "Seven", is lined up to direct the first A Perfect Circle video for the song "Judith."  - A few more NIN / APC dates have been announced in the past few days, and are available in the Tour section of this site.  - The Electronic Mailing List info in the Community section has been updated to reflect their newest address.

[3/15/00] - Tickets for the NIN / APC shows are starting to go onsale as early as this week, so you'd better hurry over to TicketMaster and check for onsale dates for any shows you plan to attend. You're all smart enough to find the dates yourself, you don't need me shoving them down your throat; otherwise you probably don't deserve a web browser anyhow.

[3/13/00] - The first wave of NIN / APC tour dates are now up in the Tour section; the remaining 36 tour dates are expected this week.  - A few slight revisions have been made to the FAQ in light of recent APC news. Nothing major, if you've been keeping up.

[3/11/00] - A total of nine tour dates are now available for A Perfect Circle, currently posted to Nine Inch Nails' official site.

[3/9/00] - No further news on tour dates for A Perfect Circle opening for Nine Inch Nails, but stay tuned to this page and NIN sites (including Seems Like Salvation News) for the latest info.

[3/8/00] - While Tool continues work on the next album, Maynard has been keeping doubly busy. His other band (A Perfect Circle) will be releasing their first album "Mer De Noms" ("Sea of Names") on Virgin Records on May 23, according to a story from our favorite network (MTV), available in the Articles section of this site. Even more exciting, A Perfect Circle will be opening for Nine Inch Nails starting in Cleveland on April 12. No other tour information is available yet. It's looking to be a good spring.  - Also, the Melvins' new album "The Crybaby" is finally out, with the song "Divorced" featuring Tool as co-performers. t.d.n conspirator Shane Brouse offers this early insight.  - For those who care about such things, this site has averaged 6700 visitors (100,000 hits) per day so far this year. Yow.


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