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- the spring 1998 minitour -

Here's what normal everyday people like yourself had to say about Tool live this past spring; a total of 135 reviews came in.

historical A note was posted here advising fans that both LA shows promised to "be different; exactly how must remain a mystery. Go to both if possible." Info available before the shows proved correct; the setlists were totally different, made up of mainly old songs one night and mainly new songs the next. If you missed it ... sucks to be you.
Spring 1998 Mini-Tour

Also Playing: The Melvins

Thursday March 26 Los Angeles, CA
The Palladium
Friday March 27 Los Angeles, CA
The Palladium
Saturday March 28 Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix Civic Plaza
Sunday March 29 San Diego, CA

And that's about it. No more reviews are being accepted for this tour at present. Thanks to all reviewers.

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