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Info here is covered in / superseded by the FAQ, and may no longer be valid. It is provided only for historical interest.

- old news: january - june 1996 -

[7/1/96] - (Update / Rewrite of 6/12/96 posting) - Finally, all of us long-starved fans can rest easier knowing that the album is fully recorded, and that it has a title (which you should have seen entering this site): Aenima. The explanation given for the title is that it is a mixture of two words, Enema and Anima.

While this may at first seem to be the standard Tool-ish runaround answer, I went and looked up "anima"; the dictionary had this to say:

"Jung's term for the inner part of the personality or character, as opposed to the persona or outer part; also, the feminine component of a male personality."

I'm not putting up the explanation of the word "enema." But, for the adventurous, the song will be spelled "Aenema"; that is to say DIFFERENTLY from the album. Here we go again.

[6/27/96] - Someone did some serious digging / exploration and found out (get ready) a few more new song titles! So far, it looks like we know nine of them (as always, until they are set in stone, they are subject to change):

Stink Fist - Aenema - Eulogy - Push It - Half Empty - Third Eye - Hooker w/a Penis - Jimmy - Forty-Six + Two (that could be "plus 2", "and 2", "with 2"... that's all I learned).

[6/17/96] - Whoops... nobody ever called my attention to it, but all you people without frames-capable browsers seem to have been unable to read the lyrics section front page. Problem's fixed now.

[6/17/96] - After nearly a year, Shane has provided us with a new discography! (Of course, nothing has come OUT during that year, but it's new and shiny anyway).

[6/12/96] - [Original post about new album title, updated on 7/1/96].

[6/1/96] - Happy June. I did some tweaking to the overall frame setup, if you're a frame-user, you can see that the menubar is now taking up a bit less room, but the menu choices are wider than before. Paradoxical and all.

[5/27/96] - A round of applause for Matt Harney ( for sending up a huge amount of bass tabs. The bass tab section is now almost complete.

[5/21/96] - Yes, this site was featured in the BMG music club monthly newsletter. There's a picture + credits on the "more" page. And for those of you who are curious / annoyed, find out what's up with this business.

[5/21/96] - And it's a little self-indulgent, but: I just graduated.

[5/17/96] - Nothing major, but so you don't think I've been slacking, new articles, new images, new tabs, updated lyrics (all of which happens all the time anyway), and the articles page looks a bit different.

[5/16/96] - An old tidbit surfaced while I was looking through old logs of the mailing list. It's satisfying for Tool fans who feel the band is underappreciated...

[5/9/96] - As promised, a new FAQ is available.

[5/8/96] - Seems I forgot to mention this: the next album will be co-produced by Tool and David Bottrill.

[5/2/96] - For a while, it looked like Tool would be releasing a song on the "Escape from LA" soundtrack this summer. Then the band changed their minds. Thanks to Brian Hopely ( for making me re-verify that... apparently "Sweat" will appear on this soundtrack. Don't complain to me, I wanted a new song also.

[5/2/96] - Expect an updated FAQ within a few days.

[5/1/96] - Whoa. It's May. And the band has finally sent out a new snail-mail newsletter to those who sent in their addresses. Not much new info, but here it is.

[4/27/96] - What do you know; apparently this site was listed in the monthly catalog of the BMG CD club. Go us.

[4/22/96] - Want an unofficial shirt? Go to the "more" section of this site, you'll see it...

[4/16/96] - The URL for this page has changed. The page itself hasn't physically moved (yet), your links will still work if they point to either or However, you should now link everything as (that is, if you link the FAQ, link it as Because it will all be moving someday soon ...

[4/15/96] - Note: there's (yet) another new section on the page. It's the odds-and-ends bit, hence the title: "more."

[4/11/96] - No, you aren't imagining it, there's a tour info section. And no, I don't know when they're playing your home town. Maybe this fall.

[4/9/96] - The album (again, due around September), supposedly will have 12 songs on it, and will be produced by the band themselves. There ought to be a tour around then, too.

[3/23/96] - Quell them rumors about Tool playing with Primus this tour, it's not happening. But they claim they'll tour this fall. Sure ...

[3/6/96] - One more review has shown up in the 1995 tour section; it's Steve Reed's story, it's a nice-looking page, and it's worth a read. (Sorry about the pun; "Reed" "read", get it?)

[3/3/96] - Though it's a bit bare, there's now a bass tablature section.

[2/25/96] - If you care to see / remember / groan at / be impressed by / be unimpressed by the quality of posts on the old mailing list (at, until October 2, 1995), there is now an online archive of latter-day posts to that list. Thanks ENTIRELY go to Dan Steadman ( for having them lying around and for crashing his mailserver repeatedly to get them up to the site.

[2/21/96] - The articles section has been a lot more fleshed out, and so has the feedback page, thank goodness.

[2/19/96] - New album news, but you won't be happy ... can you say "September"? I know, I know... neither can I.

[1/16/96] - The below-mentioned "tour info" page has turned into a set of info and reviews of Tool's latest four shows.


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