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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: MTV News Online

Date: April, 1997

Transcribed by
David de Sola (

 title: Tool Fans Alarmed By April Fools' "Joke" 

Tool Fans Alarmed By April Fools' "Joke" 

April 2 [14:00 EST] -- A fake news item posted on a fan website as an 
April Fools' joke gave Net-savvy Tool fans a scare on Tuesday.

The false story posted on "t.d.n., the tool page" stated, in rather 
urgent tones, that three of the band's members were in critical 
condition following a tour bus accident in Australia, and that the 
band's spring and summer tour had been canceled.

Noting that the shocking "news" came on April Fools' Day, many fans 
realized that the item was intended as a prank, but many others failed 
to see the intended humor and began shooting e-mails and phone calls 
around in an attempt to learn more.

The fan-monitored website posted an apology, and called the bus 
accident story an "outlandish prank," but not before fans flooded the 
band's record label, Zoo Records, with a steady stream of phone calls.

"We got so many calls yesterday, that we had to take the phone off the 
hook," a Zoo Records representative told MTV News. "It was literally 
out of control."

The Zoo rep noted that the label had no knowledge of the joke when 
calls began rolling in, and were just as alarmed as the Tool devotees 
who were calling them. The label had the story straightened out by 
about 11 a.m. Eastern time, and as the rep said, "We had a good laugh, 

Zoo assures us that everyone in Tool is perfectly fine, and the band 
is currently wrapping up its Australian tour.

page: title: Tool Victim Of Online April Fools' Prank author: Kurt Loder (?) [Week in Rock] Tool Victim Of Online April Fools' Prank 04.04.1997 KURT: Tuesday was April Fool's Day, and to celebrate it, some clown posted a message on an Internet web site for the industrial band "Tool," claiming that three members of the group had been hospitalized in critical condition following a tour-bus crash in Australia. For the record, this is totally untrue. The group did just wrap up an Australian tour, but there was no accident, no one was hospitalized, and the members of Tool are doing just fine.

Posted to t.d.n: 03/14/01 01:17:00