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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Reuters/Variety (Online)

Date: April, 1998

Transcribed by
Matt Wetzler (

 title: Review/Performance Tool Leave Indelible Mark
author: Troy J. Augusto


 Tool (Palladium; 3,835 capacity; $21.50) HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - It had
been nearly a full year since pioneering local hard rock band Tool 
played its own Los Angeles dates, so it wasn't surprising that the 
Palladium was quite overfull for these dazzling sold-out shows. 
Unexpectedly, no new songs were offered either night, but there were 
plenty of surprises to go around, including new musical arrangements, 
some special guests and a number of obscure cover tunes. Not to 
mention a self-assured and powerful performance that only adds to the 
band's well-established live reputation. 

 Night No. 1 opened with ``Sweat'' and ``Hush,'' the first two songs 
from Tool's 1992 ``Opiate'' EP, with intense bald singer Maynard 
Keenan stalking the stage in a hospital gown. He was soon joined by 
Brian, Bob and Dave from HBO's ``Mr. Show,'' who secured the vocalist 
in a wheelchair and proceeded to administer some ``medical testing'' 
while the band tore into ``Intolerance,'' the lead track from Tool's 
million-selling ``Undertow'' album. 

 The band's two-night stand climaxed musically shortly thereafter, as 
a particularly ferocious version of ``Eulogy,'' from Tool's 
grammy-winning ``Aenima'' album, all but blew the roof off the joint. 
As the song's soaring chorus kicked in, the crowd of fans packed in 
front of the stage exploded, sending an intense shockwave through the 
audience. (A five-hour sound check on Thursday afternoon paid off for 
the band -- which is currently between record deals -- as they were 
able to defeat the Palladium's infamous muffling acoustics.) 

 After an even dozen songs (including a cover of ``You Lied'' by 
English bassist Justin Chancellor's former band Peach), Keenan said, 
``Just because we won a Grammy (for best metal performance) doesn't 
mean we're going to do an encore,'' after which the band simply 
dropped their instruments and walked off the stage. 

 The second night seemed to focus more on the material found on 
``Aenima'' (only one song was played both nights), and in many cases 
the songs were modified to such an extant as to almost sound 
unfamiliar. ``Pushit'' was slowed and bent into a somber mood piece, 
while a mesmerizing half-speed version of Ted Nugent's 
``Stranglehold,'' featuring King Buzzo from opening act the Melvins, 
was nearly unrecognizable, save for some of the lyrics.

 Bassist Scott Reeder from defunct L.A. rock band Kyuss joined the 
show for a version of Kyuss' ``Demon Cleaner,'' a selection that no 
doubt went right by most of the attendees. 

 The show also featured continuous visuals projected on three large 
screens.  Created by guitarist Adam Jones, such provocative images as 
a metallic bird in flight, cartoonish caricatures of Presidents 
Clinton and Bush, and a closeup film of eye surgery added further 
intrigue to the band's fascinating complexion. 

Presented by Goldenvoice. Band: Maynard James Keenan, Adam Jones, 
Danny Carey, Justin Chancellor. Reviewed March 26, 27, 1998. 


Copyright 1998 Reuters Limited.All rights reserved.

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