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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: MTV interview

Date: April, 1999

Transcribed by
Nate (

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 title: Limp Bizkit interview
author: ???

Here's a testimony to TooL from an MTV interview with Limp Bizkit:

FRED: I don't think it's a trendy thing I think it's just like 
coincidentally that we're all three real good friends and we're all 
kinda close to the same people. We're all around the same age, listen 
to the same stuff. I can't say there are ten bands in the world that 
do it or that do it for real, from the heart [500k QuickTime]. But 
there's probably five bands in our field that do it so I don't feel 
like it's a coincidence, I just feel like it's something that's going 
on right now. You know, like us, Korn, Deftones, Rage Against the 
Machine I don't know too many other bands...Tool. Tool's probably the 
best band I think on the planet.

WES: Yeah they're on a different level.

FRED: I can't even put them in the field there's something wrong with 
those guys. They're too good. They're...

DJ LETHAL: They just know something.

FRED: They know something that the rest of the world doesn't know. I 
mean they did it, they do it they do it.

WES: They're human, but not human at the same time.

FRED: There's something severely intense about that band. You can't 
get better. You can't think of one way you would have done something 
different. Their ride they take you on is Tool. You know, it's 
insane. That band, I can't even be in a category with that band. You 
know that band is on the highest pedestal for me. But us man, why we 
all go to that build and have that whisper to that build I don't even 
know, I don't. It's a coincidence you could say.

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