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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Omaha World Herald (Newspaper)

Date: April, 1999

Transcribed by
Ben Matthews (

  page: 4B
 title: Jail's Choice of Radio Want-Ad Music Busted
author: None Listed

**forgive my typos if any typing this up at 3 am and no good text 
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**by the way I can scan the article if anyone would like, the thing is 
thumbtacked on my mirror now it is so funny**

Davenport, Iowa(AP) --- The music Scott County used for its radio 
recruitment ad for potential jailhouse workers struck a sour note.

    When county officials were informed that the background music for 
the ad was a sexually explicit song named "Prison Sex," it was taken 
off the air.

    Scott County Sheriff Mike Bladel pulled the plug Friday on the 
30-second radio ad, which was broadcast on three area radio stations 
owned by Connoisseur Communications.

    "Prison Sex" is performed by the alternative-rock group Tool on 
its 1996 "Undertow" CD.  Its lyrics chronicle an impeding rape in 
prison from the viewpoint of a former rape victim.

   Though much of the background music is instrumental, the words "Do 
unto others what has been done to you," can be heard in its final 

    "Any offense was unintentional," Bladel said.  "Our human 
resources department has requested our media advertiser pull the ad 
until we have a chance to look at it and possible modify it.  In the 
future, we will do everything we can to screen the ads better."

    Bladel said it was his department's first foray into radio 
advertising and being novices to the medium may have contributed to 
the oversight.

    Though the words for the spot were scripted by the human resouces 
department, no one in that office heard a final version until it was 

    "The Sheriff's Office did not screen it," Bladel said.  "Had I 
screened it, it might have gotten through since I've never heard the 
song before.

    Connosseur Communications Vice President Jeff Dinetz said KORB-FM 
disc jokey Dave LeVora selected the background music.

    "The ad was very successful," Dinetz said.  "It played Sunday to 
Friday, and I was told they received a lot of calls.  The only reason 
they pulled it on the last day was because they considered 
questionable music. ... The bottom lines is, it was successful.  The 
music we used in the background was an unfortunate pick of music."

    Dinetz said there would be no suspensions or disciplinary actions 
resulting from the incident.

    Bladel said his department will give additional thought to its 
next job-recruitment campaign.

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