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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Guitar World

Date: April, 2001

Transcribed by
David de Sola (

  page: 33
 title: Tool: Maynard and Co. Prepare New Album
author: Brian Stillman

Tool fans have proven themselves a patient lot, enduring a four-year 
wait as their favorite band steadfastly refused to release any new 
material.  But even Buddha has his limits.  So when the band entered 
into a protracted dispute with their label, and vocalist Maynard James 
Keenan took to both studio and road with a new band, A Perfect Circle, 
many people figured Tool was history.

Thankfully, they've been proven wrong.  Far from having disbanded, 
Tool have been in the studio with producer David Bottrill, recording 
their third full length album, scheduled for release this spring.  
Which begs the question, What took so long?

"You know, everyone always asks why it's taken us four years to record 
this album, which kind of confuses me," says guitarist Adam Jones.  
"The truth is, we spent two years on the road after recording Aenima, 
then we did Ozzfest, and then Maynard did A Perfect Circle.  Really, 
we've only been working on this new album for a year, which seems 
pretty short to me."

The wait was worth it.  Chock full of Jones' chunky guitar work, Danny 
Carey's polyrhythmic percussion, Justin Chancellor's dynamic and 
melodic bass playing and Keenan's impassioned vocals, the 
as-yet-untitled album shifts stylistically from aggressive and harsh 
to sublime and melodic.  

"This time out," says Jones, "there was no plan.  We just wanted to go 
further than we had before and have fun doing it.  Our chemistry in 
the studio has never been better, and I think that it shows.  This has 
been a great album to make."  

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