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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Rock Sound

Date: April, 2001

Transcribed by
Matthew Coleman (

 title: Tool - 'Salival' Review
author: Nick Griffiths

Live albums, video clips, extra features, 300 page colour booklets on 
the making of, behind the scenes footage blah, blah, blah. Another 
cheap cash-in for money grabbing bands with more money than sense, 
backed up by corporate label big wigs rubbing their bean counters 
with unrestrained capitalist spittle dripping from their gaping maws. 
But by god this is Tool! Far from me waxing lyrical about money 
hungry bands, this is an absolute must have, must buy, must steal, 
beg or borrow item from one of THE essential bands of the decade. 
Backing up the release of their, as yet, untitled new album ëSalivalí 
is a lavish CD/DVD/Book package capturing Messrs. Maynard James 
Keenan et al in concert, backstage, on the loo etc, etc. The CD 
profiles Toolís effervescent live show, studio rarities and cover 
versions, all mood and dynamics with a smattering of tracks 
from ëOpiateí, ëUndertowí and ëAenimaí. Live, as with Perfect Circle, 
Maynardís vocals are the obvious central strand holding things 
together ñ soaring from guttural growls to majestic highs accompanied 
by the sublime roar of guitars of Adam Jones and the jazz infused 
thrash metal clatter of Daniel Careyís tub thumping make this, for 
those who have yet to witness Tool live, an essential listen. The 
unreleased tracks offer more questions than answers with a healthy 
hybrid of all three albums and a Led Zep cover thrown in for good 
measure. The DVD portion contains the videos for ëSoberí, ëPrison 
Sexí, ëAenimaí and the fantastic ëStinkfistí which all transcend the 
boundaries of modern music videos whilst retaining Toolís own unique 
stamp of the weird and the wonderful. The booklet contains photos, 
artwork, press shots and a myriad of Tool flavoured musings which 
simply adds the cherry on top of the cake. Always engaging, and never 
dull, this is an essential purchase.


Well, where do I begin? What a horrible review. Itís well meaning 
enough, but do I really need to point out the discrepancies? ëÖin 
concert, on the looÖí? What part of the set was this on? Have I 
missed something? ëÖjazz infused thrash metal clatter of Daniel 
Careyís tub thumpingÖí? Where is he getting this? He seems to be 
using words like ëeffervescentí, ëmyriadí and ëhybridí without 
knowing the meanings or the correct context in which to use the 
words! There are no songs from ëUndertowí on the CD, yet he says ëÖ
with a smattering of tracks from ëOpiateí, ëUndertowí and ëAenimaí. 
What lazy journalismÖ

The worst part is where he uses the phrase ëThe unreleased tracks 
offer more questions than answersÖí without justifying the use of it 
at all!

Well enjoy (or not), Itís interesting reading none-the-lessÖ

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