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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Guitar World

Date: August, 1993

Transcribed by
Carlo Munguia (

  page: 17
 title: Tool: Adam Jones, Road Scholar
author: Daniel B. Levine

"I love to tour, but I hate to wait," says Adam Jones, guitarist for
L.A.'s Tool. "Unfortunatley, most of touring is waiting- waiting to get to
the gig, waiting to go on, waiting to eat, waiting to go to the hotel..."
So when Jones isn't onstage beating his Gibson Silverburst Les Paul into
the tortured heaviness of Undertow, his band's first full-length album, he
finds creative ways to pass the time: "I use my down-time to come up with
new material for the band," says the guitarist.
  Though Jones carries an inordinate amount of recording equipment on the
road, he doesn't just write new songs. "Tool is much more to me than just
a band," he says. "I'm interested iun many different art forms, and Tool
is a way for me to express myself in those ways." Among his creations are
Undertow's twisted CD booklet and the band's promotional materials. "The
major reason we signed with Zoo Entertainment was because they were
willing to give us control over those materials," he says.
  Jones also brings a movie camera on tour to record his band's life on
the road. "We make a mini-documentary every time we go out," he says. "One
day we'll put them all together and release a home video." Jones isn't new
to the cinema-he's worked on special effects for Terminator 2 and Jurassic
Park.  The thought of him combining the crushing music of Tool with the
quality of movie-making is nothing less then frightening. We can hardly

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