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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Modern Drummer

Date: August, 1997

Transcribed by
Mike Feld (

  page: 96
 title: Tony Remembered
author: Robin Flans, Rick Mattingly, Ken Micallen, Robin Tolleson...

Note: This was compiled by Robin Flans, Rick Mattingly, Ken Micallen, 
Robin Tolleson and T. Bruce Wittet.  It's an article written in 
rememberence of the drumming legend Tony Williams.  It consists of 
various drummers telling what they remember of him.  This is the 
section where Danny Carey gives his say on how Tony has effected his 

    "I think I descovered Tony Williams' gif in a different way than 
most.  It was actually due to Bill Bruford's praise in a Modern 
Drummer cover story that I bought a Tony Williams Lifetime record 
[Believe It].  Up until then my drumming world was pretty much ruled 
by prog-rock influences, and I was bound and determined to find out 
what made these guys 'tick'.  After I purchased that Tony record I 
felt that I not only found the 'what' that makes them tick but also 
the 'why,' the reason to 'tick' in the first place.
    "I listened to that record over and over until I literally wore it 
out.  This playing was like nothing I had ever heard before.  Not only 
was Tony's command of time 'omnipotent,' but it was all so musical and 
so beautiful. I was truly inspired.  (Little did I know at the time 
that this was a tiny tip of an iceburg of inspiration I could chip on 
for all my playing years.)
    "I went out and bought every record I could find with Tony's 
playing and recieved such an education from it.  Tony brough the whole 
jazz scene alive for me because he 'rocked'.  He was my link that 
connected deeper into traditional jazz than most of the other fusion 
players, so he opened my eyes to a whole other world (Miles [Davis], 
Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, etc.).  Over the years I'v realized how 
much Tony I hear in so many of my favorite players, like Terry Bozzio, 
Bill Bruford, and Vinnie Colaiuta.  It's amazing how saturated the 
drumming community is with his influence.  His sound will echo for 
ages through all of us.
    "The last time I saw Tony play was at a drum clinic and it was 
truly a heartwarming event.  Even though he was fielding very simple 
and very technical questions, he was still filling the room with so 
much love for music and respect for the drumset it was inescapable.  I 
left that room with more desire to play than ever before.
    "I thank Mr. Bruford for the kindly advise twenty years ago, and I 
thank Tony Williams for expanding the horizons of love, music, and the 
                                                   -Danny Carey

Note to Kabir: I know this article isn't ABOUT Tool, but I thought it 
gave some good insight on Danny Carey and was very interesting.  I 
hope you can use this.
-Mike Feld (

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