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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Live Tool

Date: August, 1998

Transcribed by
Steve Thacker (

  page: 21
 title: Live
author: Chris Smith



Astro Arena, Houston
Friday, August 7

THE PROMOTER'S been worried about this one. Hasn't come right out and said
so, but any time the intensity of adverts is at its peak the day of the
show itself, you know that alarm bells have started to sound. Thankfully,
the place has easily reached its 6,000 capacity, and the most pressing
question being asked is what that woman is doing wandering the stage,
checking cables. As the lights fall and Danny Carey, Justin Chancellor and
Adam Jones take the stage, however the truth is revealed. That's no female
frump - it's Maynard James Keenan! So perfect was his drag that not one
cheer had been raised while he paced the stage under full house lights.
But now he's pushing his hallmark voice through perhaps the most unique
heavy music of this generation. The overall sound and vision is crystal
clear yet louder than hell, with a curved back-drop receiving projections
a-go-go. Guitarist Jones has the hugest sound heard in ages, best
evidenced on 'Eulogy', with its thick, crunching tone switching into tiny
mechanistic blips and back again in a second.

The first uttering from Keenan is a politely stated "Welcome to our
world". And he's not joking - an alternative place is indeed created. Tool
have finally started to fill out their potential of transcending all
things heavy and growing into a unique band for the ages.
The crowd knows it too. Tool are not in any way a pop band, yet almost
every song is sung along to in full voice, word for word. As another bout
of atmospherics transforms into 'Prison Sex' and the house once again goes
ape, it's time to stop thinking and start soaking it all in. Be prepared,
or be overwhelmed.

Chris Smith

HIGH POINT: The Melvins' Buzz Osbourne joining Tool for Ted Nugent's 
'Cat Scratch Fever'.
LOW POINT: Not one.
BEST ONSTAGE QUOTE:"Welcome to our world!" - Maynard James Keenan.
VERDICT: In a league of there own.

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