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A TOOL-Related Article

Publication: Metalized (Danish Magazine)

Date: December 1996, Issue 29

Transcribed by "Nikolaj H.T.P." (

I will do my best to translate into some comprehensible english. But if 
you find some big errors, then you are free to change them. 


Finaly! FINALY! F-I-N-A-L-Y!!! The third record from Tool is on the 
streets, and as usual one is exposed to something completely unique. Tool 
have created something exeptional by the means of the most simple 
instruments in rock - Guitar, Bass and drums. To put it short, Tool have 
become synonymous with musical art!!! Since the debut ep "Opiate", the 
band have had their own indescribable glommy sound, where the madness and 
the hate constantly (smoulder?) beneath the crooked rythms and Maynards 
phenomenal voice. From "just" being a sort of strange rythm hard rock, 
Tool have gradualy developed into a manydimensional(?) insane company. On 
"Ænima" the expresion of "Undertow" have been developed into a more 
psychic, insinuating af revolting growth. The result is a both tough and 
fine rock with roots way back in the 70's hash sounds. Maynards vocal 
have been turned down, so that in one moment it's peeping around between 
Guitar and drums, the next it's atacking wildly. He uses his voice like 
an instrument, like for example Chris Cornell, and he push so much melody 
and rythm into every single word, that the the power from the speakers 
form into goose-flesh over the entire body, when he and the rest of the 
band form a single unit. Without further comparising, Maynards vocal 
sounds a litle like Tracy Chapman. I could keep on praisin this record. 
Everything that Tool has touched until now has turned into gold. Ænima is 
something even heavyer and moer valuable metal!!

Produktion: 8
Cover: 7
In all: 10 (maximum)

Herluf Torp

kabir/akhtar | kabir@t.d.n