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The Tool Page: An Article


Date: December, 2000

Transcribed by
Stu (

 title: Salival Review
author: Heather Phares

After a four-year hiatus, Tool returns with the elaborately 
packaged Salival set, which includes a 70-minute CD of 
previously unreleased live and studio material, a 56-page 
book of photos and video stills, and a VHS/DVD collection of 
the group's impressive stop-motion videos. Live versions 
of "Hush," "Part of Me," "Push It," and "Third Eye" reaffirm 
the band's standing as one of alternative metal's most 
compelling live acts; unreleased studio tracks such 
as "Message to Harry Manback II" and "L.A. Municipal Court" 
definitely sound like abandoned material, but offer a look at 
Tool's quirkier side. Covers of Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter" 
and "You Lied"  a song by bassist Justin Chancellor's 
previous group Peach  round out the disc's better-than-
average selection of odds and sods. The DVD version of 
Salival also includes a live duet of "Hush" with Tori Amos and 
singer Maynard Keenan. Salival's intricate, eclectic look and 
sound give it the feel of a "thank you" to patient Tool fans; 
fortunately for them  and the band  it was worth the 

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