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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Circus

Date: December, 2001

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  page: 18
 title: Year in Review 2001
author: some dipshit..


   Tool had a mixed year, their new album finally saw release, 
though fans have been very divided on opinions. "Lateralus" 
got it's title from a leg muscle of the same name that you 
can't stand without. None the less, while "Lateralus" gave 
many fans a big wow, and gained Tool plenty of new fans, a 
lot of old followers simply didn't like it very much. Some think 
this has a lot to do with Maynard's creative juices divided 
between Tool and A Perfect Circle.
   Tool went on a mini-tour with their heroes in King Crimson. 
Most recently Tool trekked across the United States with Mike 
Patton's super avant noise band Fantomas, the Melvins, 
Swedish metal gods Meshuggah and Trick, while members of 
each respective band would constantly switch roles to play 
with each other's bands throughout the tour. 
   The performers from Tool's video for "Schism" also went on 
tour performing onstage with Tool under the name Osseus 
   The future holds a lot more touring for Tool, but judging by 
the insane amount of time between the releases of Aenima 
and Lateralus, do not hold your breath on their next studio 

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