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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: BMG Music Service (Discovery mag)

Date: Sometime, 1997

Transcribed by
melissa (

  page: 2?
 title: Tool  AEnima
author: Marc Cusa

(note: I have the page 2 questioned, because it's on the inside cover, 
whatever you'd count that as... And I don't know which month it was, 
but I'd guess Feb or March, but I'm not sure...)

Your Featured Selection:
Selected bv Alternative Editor Marc Cusa
	Your debut CD, "Undertow," has gone platinum, your videos for 
Sober and Prison Sex have received numerous awards, and critics from 
all corners have been heaping on the praise. If you're alternative 
rockers Tool, where do you possiblv find the creative drive to
foIlow up such auspicious beginnings?
	Check around for answers and you're tikely to hear that the 
band members are in cahoots with the dark forces, or that in return 
for their musical inspiration they regularly engage in grisly rituals 
of human sacrifice. Listening to their   stunning   release "AEnima," 
it doesn't surprise me that Tool find themselves surrounded by such 
gruesome, mysterious, and farfetched rumours. Sitting atop the band's 
seething, lurching guitar rifts, it's not hard to imagine Maynard 
James Keenan's hypnotizing vocal incantations as an invitation to some 
cryptic, forbidden ceremony. Follow him down into the depths of 
"AEnima" and you're face to face with a slow bubbling stew of the 
finest, molten hot alterna-metal around. With their crunchy, rock 
solid grooves, songs like the single Stinkfist remind me of Alice In 
Chains' commanding menace, as well as the ferocious barrage of Jane's 
Addiction. Winding my way through this nightmarish world-populated by 
everything from wailing, reverbed baby screams to  threatening  
answering machine messages-it was the  pounding,  quasi-title track 
AEnema, that finally delivered the fatal sonic blow. Beginning  with  
Keenan's apocalyptic rant of "some say we'll see it all end soon....I 
sure hope we will, I could use a vacation," the singer hurls an 
intense, nonstop barrage of abuse at what he considers the mindless 
plastic people around him.
	As nothing less than a call for total Armageddon, "AEnima" 
might prove a tough act for Tool to follow. But given their contacts 
with "the underworld," I'm sure we've only heard the beginning.

Stinkfist * H.
Forty Six & 2 * Eulogy
Useful Idiot * Message To Harry
Manback * Intermission * Jimmy
Die Eier Von Satarn * Cesaro
AEnema * (-) Ions
Third Eye
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