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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: MTV Online

Date: February, 2001

Transcribed by
Stu (

 title: NIN's Reznor Teams With Tool's Keenan For Tapeworm 
author: Joe D'Angelo

After years of being bandied about, an album by the Nine Inch Nails 
side project Tapeworm is on the way.

NIN frontman Trent Reznor and core Tapeworm members Charlie Clouser 
(programmer, remixer) and Danny Lohner (guitar) hope to have their as-
yet-untitled album ready by late fall, according to a spokesperson at 
Nothing Records.

Centered at Nothing's New Orleans studio, Tapeworm is essentially a 
collaborative studio project involving several guest singers and 
musicians, one of whom is Tool/A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard 
James Keenan, who recorded the vocal track for the song "Vacant" in 
1999. The music for "Vacant" was written by Lohner and rearranged by 
Clouser, with lyrics and melody by Keenan and chorus and backing 
vocals by Reznor.

"Vacant" has become something of an APC setlist staple after the 
group debuted the tune during their tour opener in Portland on 
January 31. Reznor isn't particularly pleased that Keenan has let a 
cat out of the bag that he and his Tapeworm compatriots have kept 
closed for years, it seems. 

"I have to admit I find it mildly irritating for ['Vacant'] to debut 
in this fashion before feeling it has been properly realized," Reznor 
said in a post on NIN's official Web site. 

In other Reznor news, he and longtime collaborator/The Fragile 
producer Alan Moulder have tracked "more than an album's worth" of 
demos, according to Reznor's post on the site. The rough songs 
are "very unlike The Fragile, and may not even be released as NIN 
material," the post reads.

Reznor is also putting the finishing touches on a NIN DVD chronicling 
the band's 1999-2000 tour, which was originally scheduled for release 
last November.

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