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A TOOL-Related Article

Publication: Underground (Metal News)

Date: January 4, 1993

Transcribed by swamp

 title: Tool: New band hammers Lollapaloza Tour

        For those of you who went to go see the Lollapaloza Tour you 
probably were head-banging to a rather interesting band, Tool. Unlike 
other bands Tool is very unique.  As in stage performance; Maynard James 
Keenan, the vocalist, explores his dark forum as in staying put and 
letting an animal come out in him. He doesent move; He stays still in 
concentration.  As for Adam Jones, he stands and observes his own playing, 
concentrating. Danny Carey's dexterity puts him aside from other drummers as 
he gets into it. Paul D'Amour gets into it like any bassist. Seeing them 
play can be stressful. I mean the band often has a dark touch to itself. 

        In 1992 the band's first 6 song release, Opiate, sold only 
14,000 copies. Crushing Opiate was the new release of the full length 
album, Undertow, went platnum. The band is currently working on a video 
for Sober which is a rather dark song describing a person's usage of 
alcohol as in a artistic form, which fetures of clay animation and no 
pictures of the band.  Take a look at some of the pictures in Undertow. 
Looking at some of the things they seem to put or place on themselves 
takes a long departure from any other band.  Their agression could make 
you stare at the world in a different way.  We hope we can hear more from 
them soon.

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