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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Basement Medicine (VT College Newspaper)

Date: January, 2001

Transcribed by
Scott David Monroe (

  page: 6
 title: TOOL delivers a boxset of goods from their shed
author: Scott David Monroe

     Throughout Toolís brief career, critics have demeaned and 
ignored their artistic approach to music. Though reviewers often 
classify Tool with the likes of Marilyn Manson and Pantera, the band 
continues to distinguish themselves as musicians by placing the value 
of art above enterprise. Toolís newest record, Salival, is no 
      Released as a box set in mid December, Salival offers a variety 
of unreleased/live songs, which are packaged with either a DVD or VHS 
containing the bandís music videos. As displayed in their 1996 
release, Aenima, Tool has once again provided a disc that explores 
the subconscious and draws you into a musical experience like no 
     Salival is indeed a compilation that every serious Tool fan 
should own. The opening track begins with an excerpt from Dr. Timothy 
Leary on ìHow To Operate Your Brainî, which acts as a transition into 
a live version of ìThird Eyeî from Aenima. Truly, you can feel the 
energy and power of Tool within this live selection as lead vocalist 
Maynard James Keenan spellbinds the audience with his graceful, yet 
aggressive singing. Also remarkable on this track is the bandís 
drummer, Danny Carey, who binds the band together with his vigorous 
     Other live tracks include ìPushitî, ìYou liedî, and ìPart of 
meî. A quite notable track among the live selections is ìMerkabaî, 
which acts as an instrumental intro to Undertowís 1993 hit single, 
ìSoberî. Accompanied by the soothing hum of Keenan, the instrumental 
track displays the talent and uniqueness that lead guitarist, Adam 
Jones has provided for the bandís previous records. 
     The remaining three tracks on the disc are studio outtakes from 
the Aenima sessions. In ìMessage to Harry Manback 2î, the furious 
audio segue of an answering machine message is once again accompanied 
by the quiet melodies of a piano. Seemingly a display of their humor, 
Tool manages to turn a hateful message into one of beauty. This has 
been, and continues to be the goal of the band. Much of their music 
focuses in on the issues that many of us would much rather not talk 
about. Toolís mission has been to uncover these fears and explain 
them in a new light, through an infinite amount of possibilities. 
     The remaining studio tracks are ìLAMCî and ìNo Quarterî. The 
quiet and mystic tones of Keenan fit in perfectly for the Led 
Zeppelin cover of ìNo Quarterî. Newcomer Justin Chancellor is quite 
visible on this song and on other Aenima related tracks as his bass 
empowers the band with their distinctive sound. The final track, 
ìLAMCî, which stands for L.A Municipal Court, adds a rhythmic touch 
to the courtís answering machine service. There is, however, a hidden 
song moments after ìLAMCî ends. The final song, ìMaynardís dickî, is 
catchy and worthy in its own twisted way. 
     After the monumental success that Tool provided in Aenima, this 
box set follows the bandís belief in exploration. Tool is always 
changing and ever evolving as they delve into the issues and values 
that our society holds. One could sit down with Salival and flip 
through its 27-page picture booklet for hours, trying to uncover an 
unending number of possibilities for symbolism. The individual, 
however, must uncover the truths. Tool has always believed in the 
power of the human being and their ability to understand life without 
help from influential figureheads. 
     Tool is prepared, once again, to take the next step in their 
musical progression. On April 17, 2001, the band will release their 
4th studio album, which is, however, unnamed so far. No one can 
predict what issues the band will choose to face this time, but fans 
can be certain Tool will continue to provide quality music, which 
express their own interpretations and not those of the masses. 

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