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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Kerrang!

Date: January, 2002

Transcribed by
Dominic (

 title: None (editor's introduction)
author: Paul Rees - Editor

Good Christ, it’s another year! And to mark the fact, this 
week you’ll find 100 Reasons Why 2002 Will Rock inside this 
very issue. We’ll trust it’ll whet your appetite.
 Last issue, Tool’s “Lateralus” was nominated by the K! critics 
as Album Of The Year. Sadly, frontman Maynard James 
Keenan’s response to this news arrived to late for us to print 
it. Happily, I can bring it to you now. Maynard told us: “Fuck, 
fuckers, you fuckin’ kick ass, and you helped us kick major 
fuckin’ ass. Fuckin’ thanks. Fuck”
 Noble sentiments, sir, noble sentiments. Fuck.

[NOTE: I know this looks fake, but it is real, honest. I'll scan 
it for you if you wish]

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