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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Terrorizer

Date: January, 2003

Transcribed by
Tarryn Bermingham (

  page: 2
 title: Tooled Up
author: (unknown)


Art-metallers Tool are currently working both on songs for 
their next studio album, and on a DVD which is expected 
soon. According to the band's webmaster "after finishing a 
year and a half of touring (with a few breaks between) to 
promote 'Lateralus', the band reterned home after the long  
Beach show at around 2:00am. At about 10:00am their 
equipment was delivered tothe rehersal space in Hollywood. 
The band members themselves met there at around 3:00 
that afternoon and began jamming, going over some new 
material they wrote while on the road (as well as prior to 
going on tour), even managingto work out the arrangement 
on on at least one of the songs. At about 7:00 they stopped, 
as Danny had developed a blister on his hand from cutting 
firewood earlier in the day. After Danny, Adam and Justin left 
the rehersal space, Maynard remained for about another hour 
or so to fine-tune some lyrics for the new song. The 
bandmembers jammed again (and worked on another 
arrangement) on Tuesday and Wednesday, taking Thursday 
off for whatever reason."
     Regarding the DVD, which is expected to feature footage 
filmed on the band's recent tour, he added: "I am not at 
liberty to comment at this time. These things are 
compartmentalized (meaning that even the band members 
themselves don't know all the details of any given project. 
For instance, on one particular project Maynard and Adam 
might know the plan, but not Danny and Justin, until 
the 'right' time, when it's necessary to clue them in. 
Conversly, with another project, Danny and Justin may be the 
only ones in the loop until the others are informed. This is 
the best way to keep things from leaking out to the media 
(and the internet)). Hey, if it works for the folks at S-4, then 
it's good enough for the band."
     In a rare rock n roll moment the band accidentally set fire 
to their dressing room at a recent show in Texas and were 
required to pay the dammage which a spokesman said 
was "less than the amount of a used Chevy truck."  

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