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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: The Indianapolis News

Date: July, 1998

Transcribed by
Tuane Brewer (

  page: B-5
 title: Ozzfest fans start fires on lawn at Deer Creek
author: David Lindquist

   Security guards at Deer Creek Music Center extinguished several 
fires started by concertgoers Wednesday 
   Fans began throwing debris around on the lawn, and then started 
throwing sod, too.  
   As many as six debris fires were visible at various spots on the 
lawn toward the end of a performance by the band Tool.
   Brandon Lucas, marketing director for Sunshine Promotions, said 
the Deer Creek staff is equipped to handle such emergencies.
   "We send fire extinguishers up there and we put the fires out," he 
said.  "Nobody's in harm.  It's basically a fire started in the 
middle of a field."
   Tool is kinown for its discordant, tension-filled hard rock.
   By the second song of the band's 8 p.m. performance, paper cups, 
plates and fliers were raining on the lawn and soon entered the 
   Lucas said the sod that was then thrown accounted for about an 
eighth of the lawn.  The sod was put down about a month ago.
   "It's a situation where if one person (throws sod), then 100 more 
are going to," he said.  "We know this is a hard-rocking crowd that 
really gets into the music."
   Patches of sod were thrown into the pavilion, and at least one 
segment made it onstage.
   Tool lead singer Maynard James Keenan picked up that piece and 
commented, "It must be an all-ages show."

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