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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Kerrang!

Date: July, 1999

Transcribed by
Mike (

  page: 6
 title: Tool: Nude Manson Shock

Tool singer Maynard James Keenan appears naked in a controversial 
photo-story recreating the Sharon Tate murders.  

Keenan portrays cult leader Charles Manson in the May/June edition of 
underground US mag "Pop Smear."  Titled "These Children That Come At 
You With Knives," the story purports to offer "a photo oral history of 
the Manson family," based on court testimonies and transcripts.

One scene depicts a naked Keenan, as Manson, mounting cult member 
Susan Denice Atkins.  In another, Keenan takes a sword to drug dealer 
Gary Hinman - played by ex-Porno For Pyros bassman Martyn LeNoble, who 
is now playing with ressurected rockers The Cult.

Former MC5 frontman Wayne Kramer and porn star Veronica Hart also get 
in on the act, portraying the doomed Leno LaBianca and Abigail Folger 

Tool are currently holed up in Los Angeles, working on a new studio 
album.  The as-yet-untitled LP is expected to be released early next 
year.  Miscellaneous band activity includes running their "Big Empty 
Space" art gallery on LA's Hollywood Boulevard and planning surprise 
guest appearances on the Melvins' current 70-date US tour.

You can see stills from 'Pop Smear' photo-story at Tool's own website 
( or at:

*NOTE: This story is accompanied by photos from the issue of Pop 
Smear, one of which (the aforementioned shot showing his naked rear 
end as he is apparently engaged in some sort of serial killer sexual 
activity) has the caption "Tool's Maynard 'Manson' Keenan: making a 
right arse of himself" underneath it*

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