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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Across the Line

Date: June, 2001

Transcribed by
K[elly] (

 title: Tool - SFX, Dublin
author: Rory McConnell 

The anticipation surrounding this event has been building 
since Tool cancelled their last Irish appearance (support to 
Rage Against The Machine) back in '93. Since then, the LA 
based four piece have released three albums that have seen 
them become not only one of the biggest-selling bands in 
the world today, but arguably the most influential.

It's strange then that they've chosen to make their debut 
Irish appearance in Dublin's SFX, (think sardines in tins and 
you're closer than you realise) a venue they could have sold 
out several more times than the single night they intend to 
grace us with this evening.

The first thing the overexcited crowd see once through the 
door is a tiny stage, the backdrop made up of huge screens 
to host Tool's now infamous performance visuals. Judging by 
the size of these monsters, one can only imagine the band's 
disappointment when they discovered that it was not 
Wembley Arena they were playing, but a venue that can hold 
around 1 200 on a good day. 

Finally the eight year wait is about to end. No-one knows what 
is going to happen. There is still the possibility they simply 
won't feel like playing and just cancel the show. But there 
they are, and we're ready for them. First song 'The Grudge' is 
also the opener from the band's new album 'Lateralus'. Some 
of the crowd don't know it that well so it's not until second 
song and mass favourite 'Stinkfist' that the crowd really lets 

Front-man Maynard James Keenan looks down on us from his 
specially constructed platform and simply says the 
word "Dublin" and hysteria sets in. Later on he will tell us 
that, for the band, this is a homecoming gig, as his great 
grandfather was Irish. A silly thing to say as now we will claim 
Tool as a local band for years to come. 

They play crowd-pleasers '46 + 2' and 'AEnima' from the 
album of the same name, as well as singles 'Prison Sex' and 
favourite on the night 'Sober' from 93's 'Undertow' album. As 
with all Tool material it takes a while to get your head around 
it before you're hooked, which is probably why songs from the 
new album don't fare as well tonight. 

Latest single 'Schism' gets a good reception, but that could 
have something to do with the fact it is played twice . First 
live, then again during the intermission (this time the video 
plays while the band leave the stage), but the fact that 
during this second play one punter in front of me strains to 
see where the band is (thinking they are still on stage), while 
others scream the band's names should give you a good 
impression of just how tight their performance is. 

Interestingly enough it's the video that gets one of the 
biggest cheers of the night. The band have always 
maintained that the visual aspect of the live show is equally 
as important as the music, and for the fans tonight it is as 
equally compelling. It is a gig that will stick in the minds of 
everybody, myself included. 

Maynard says it will be hard for him to leave, a thought 
everyone can relate to. Tool will play Ireland again, probably 
some arena or purpose-built tent with finely-tuned acoustics, 
but never in a show this intimate and never one as personal. 

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