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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Kerrang! Magazine

Date: June, 2001

Transcribed by
Dominic Martin (

  page: 53
 title: Gig Of The Week:Tool
author: Catherine Chambers

Dates:Dublin SFX June 7, Glasgow Barrowlands 8, Manchester 
Appolo 9, London Brixton Academy 11 and 12.
Admission:12.50, London 14.
Supported by:Cortizone(not Dublin).

How does it feel to be on the road again?
Justin Chancellor (bass): "Fucking excellent.It's a real good 
feeling meeting that challenge again, especially now we've 
got all this new material to play.When you've been in a 
studio a while it becomes really static and when you go 
onstage it becomes a new challenge because you don't know 
how it feels live in front of people."
Adam Jones (guitar): "To me, returning to tour is like a 
vacation.We can't believe the response the album is 
getting.We're being embraced and it's great.We thought 
people would think 'Lateralus' would be too prog and too 
different because people tend to want the same thing."

Will there be any chance to meet with fans on this tour?
Adam: "We've been asked to and have always said no - it 
seems like such an ego-boosting thing.It's the way we've 
pushed the music over everything else.When people come up 
to you with a record and say, 'Do you remember signing this?' 
or 'Do you remember me from the show that you played 
three years ago - I was the guy in the van', you feel really 
bad when they get bummed out over it.Of course we take it 
as a compliment.We're not dicks.We don't go, 'No, we're not 
signing anything' but we do need our own lives as well."

This is your first UK tour in eight years.How important is the 
UK in your touring schedule?
Danny Carey (drums): "I thinkit will be more important this 
time because we have a record company that is very 
supportive.Last time we came here in '97 we didn't do a full 
UK tour because we lost so much money.We did this one UK 
show in London and the record company stood outside with 
flyers that said 'If you like Tool you'll like this band'.Now it's feels really good that we actually charted when our 
album came out and that we actually have a record company 
who are behind us.We do have a fan-base here, and of 
course we like coming here - our bassist is from the UK!"

What can we expect from a Tool show in 2001?
Maynard James Keenan (vocals): "The music is longer, 
there's more length, more light, more presentation.If you 
have an open heart and open ears you can expect an 
evening of shared moments.As to what we'll be wearing 
onstage... come and see.Suffice to say Rob Halford will be 
proud of us!"

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