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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Metro

Date: June, 2001

Transcribed by
David M. (

  page: 19
 title: Gig - Tool
author: Darren Hickey
Friday, June 8, 2001

Tonight, Barrowland, Glasgow, 7:30pm, 12.50.

Although Tool's work has been compared to the ambitious 
song structures favoured by Pink Floyd and the colossal 
power of Rage Against The Machine, what the LA band also 
possess is the focus that the former lacked and a depth 
never attained by the latter.  Perhaps these mixed messages 
say simply that no other band comes close.

The term 'nu-metal' may even be used, but this belittles and 
even insults the band.  There are few similarities between 
Tool and the risible likes of Limp Bizkit.  Where Bizkit 
frontman Fred Durst strikes poses and shouts about breaking 
stuff, Tool have a singer whose presence has been 
compared, by those who have seen both, to Kurt Cobain.  
The 'Reverend' Maynard James Keenan is not a physically 
intimidating man, but his evangelical performance feeds, and 
feeds off, the crowd.

Live, Tool are unforgettable, as anyone who saw them at 
Ozzfest will testify.  Their UK tour proper commences at 
Barrowland tonight then returns to London via Manchester.  
Expect several tracks from their recent release, Lateralus, 
backed up with frankly disturbing visuals, and new versions of 
tracks from their previous three albums.

If there's a band out there performing better songs about 
serial killers, the apocalyptic destruction of Los Angeles, and 
the mathematical beauty of chaos theory, I haven't heard 
them.  Get your fix, before Tool become truly massive and 
while they are still awesome.

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