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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Kerrang!

Date: June, 2002

Transcribed by
Dominic (

  page: 37
 title: Ozzfest 2002 – The Ultimate Review
author: Not specified

Gig: Ozzfest 2002, Donington Park - 25/5/02

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After producing two cast-iron classic albums in a row, the 
expectations and pressure heaped upon Tool stretch far 
beyond the realms of the reasonable. Somehow, however, 
the band keep delivering the goods. As you may have 
noticed, the enigmatic quartet seldom receive a less-than-
glowing review from Kerrang!, and for good reason. Despite 
the fact that a more celebratory, up tempo mood would seem 
more appropriate at this late hour, the sublime blend of 
complexity and simplicity that typifies Tool’s music positively 
soars; a near hysterical crowd response confirming that heavy 
music still has the power to genuinely move people. 
From “Sober” to “Schism”, this is the kind of experience that 
no one will forget in a hurry. After the immediacy of System 
Of A Down, there is something faintly incongruous about the 
band’s blatant re-creation of ‘70’s prog rock and art house 
ambition, but having remained firmly rooted in rock ‘n’ roll 
and all its dynamic power, there is little about Tool’s songs 
which could offend music fans of any disposition. Sonically 
immaculate and displaying the kind of musicianship that 
makes grown men weep, Tool rightfully command the kind of 
respect that few bands even dream about. With poise, 
purpose and passion to burn, they are, yet again, simply 

Rating: KKKKK

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