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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Guitar Magazine

Date: March, 1997

Transcribed by
shaggy (


I was reading an article about MVT, and it had a brief mention of Tool 
as follows:

GUITAR: "How often do you add a video based only on its visual impact,
even if there is no radio or retail story behind it?"

Patti Galluzzi, MTV's Senior VP of Talent and Music: "I think we do 
that fairly often.  We have added many videos without even knowing who 
the artist is, but a lot of cool videos are done by the artists that 
we already know.  The Tool video "Stinkfist" is an outstanding clip 
which we are most supportive of because the video is so great.  ...."

GUITAR: "You mentioned the Tool video, which is credited on MTV as
'Track No. 1' rather than its real title, 'Stinkfist.'  I assume the
name does not meet your programming standards.  What types of things 
do bands need to avoid in order to get their clip played on MTV?"

PG: "The biggest thing is to use some common sense.  You shouldn't put
the kind of things that upset your grandmother or mother in your 
video.  Obviously, profane language is something you can't use and 
nudity won't fly. ..."

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