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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: The Front

Date: March, 2002

Transcribed by
Mike Ladue (

  page: 16
 title: Review for Lateralus
author: unknown

             From the Front Magazine-Chicopee High Scool
                             (Chicopee Mass)
try listening to lateralus The fifth album from the rock bogey 
men -TOOL- in the dark. i dare you. if you listen to the first 
two songs without running for the lights you are a stronger 
person than I am. The album opens up with "The Grudge" a 
furious song that never stays the same for even a second. 
Which is impresive seeing as the song goes on for eight 
minutes. Once you have litened to the album a few times it 
growa on you. You have to break it in. Lateralus was not a let 
down as it was once thought to be. People expected the 
same from a band that was bound to change. If you think 
they bare the same tool then think again.Tool remains one 
of the best rock bands out there today. they have lives 
throught the demise of many huge rock-acts. In short if you 
liked all of Tools other stuff you'll love Lateralus

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