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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Guitar One

Date: May, 2000

Transcribed by
Jason Winkler (

  page: 82
 title: Guitar Allstars 2000
author: from the Editors of Guitar One

Best Riff Architect
3) Adam Jones: To the public, he may talk softly.  But
   on record, he sure carries a big stick.  Tool's ace
   riffmeister has churned out some real gems, includ-
   ing "Intolerance," "Prison Sex," and "Aenema."

Quote from Tom Morello on Tool:
    "I played in a band with Adam [Jones] in high
    school, and Maynard [Keenan] was once my 
    roommate.  Their music has an intesity and heavi-
    ness that takes the absolute best elements of 
    hard rock/heavy metal and drains all the bullshit
    out of it."

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