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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Expressen (Swedenīs 2nd largest paper)

Date: May, 2001

Transcribed by
Patrik Wallgren (

 title: Tool - Lateralus
author: Martin Carlsson

Transcribers note:

This has been translated from Swedish by me. Itīs as close to
word-for-word as I could manage. Itīs not a big review, but I thought 
it could be interesting with a review from a country where most 
people, old and young, donīt even know Tool exists. This is the only 
review Iīve found...


4 wasps out of 5

If you get deep into a record about twenty times, youīll 
get a clear image of it.


Current norms, however, does not concern Tool, wich without doubt
is the most unlikely million sellers of the music world. They 
havenīt released a tone in five years, but in spite of the 
businessī changeable ways, the expectations are extremly 
high - on an album without anything that even reminds of a 

"Lateralus" is hard to penetrate, on the limit to untouchable.
This Autumn, Tool will tour with King Crimson, and it is from
that kind of progressive 70s rock their music has evolved from.

This third work is, if possible, even more complex than their
earlier (CDs). Iīm not saying i can take it all in, but I like it 
a lot. Not the least because Tool energetically show that it,
after all, is possible to succeed on their own terms. There
is actually an alternative to Limp Bizkitīs stupifying stream
of curses.

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