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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Modern Drummer

Date: May, 2001

Transcribed by
Jason Pempe (

 title: Salival Review
author: Martin Patmos

7 Stars out of 10
Danny Carey's dark and moody drumming exhibits excellent technique and
imagination on this double-DVD collection of live tracks, videos, and
other cool stuff from Tool.  While the four videos (from their two
previous studio albums) are captivating, the live tracks are of 
particular interest here, showing off Carey's energy and finesse in 
this setting.  "Third Eye" starts things off with various tom beats 
that grow into the verse, building to a climax in 12/8 with some 
stunning fills.  "Pushit" shows Carey's more atmospheric side, as he 
works with cymbals through much of the beginning, while "Part Of Me" 
features some interesting rhythmic phrasing (practically a trademark 
of their material).  Carey's drumming is consistently fascinating to 
listen to, and the only downside to this collection is that there 
aren't more live tracks.

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