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The Tool Page: An Article


Date: May, 2001

Transcribed by
Stu (

 title: Tool - Lateralus
author: by Rikki Abel 

Tool's new album Lateralus is, like, the most awesome music 
ever made by humans. In fact, it's like Tool are aliens from a 
more musically evolved planet, and their music is in fact a 
super-advanced programming language disguised as music, 
which is designed to hack our DNA and our minds and lift us 
to the next level of human evolution. Repeated exposure to 
Lateralus will turn you into a post-human, man. Plus the 
album is really, really long, and, like, a concept album, which 
is good. Also Danny Carey has a huge drum kit, which is also 

This is exactly what my inner 15-year-old Rush fan thinks. 
But I am older, wiser and infinitely cooler. Or so I thought. 
Yes, as a teen I used to love prog-rock and thrash metal. My 
ideal band would have been Pink Floyd and Rush crossed with 
Slayer. My ideal band would have been Tool. But soon I 
realized the error of my ways and put away childish things. I 
was no longer allowed to like this kind of music. At University 
I discovered the joys of, erk, "electronica" and "post-rock." I 
was cooler-than-thou. That was me at the Tortoise gigs, 
bored out of my skull, but one of the chin-stroking 
cognoscenti. I still pride myself on my large collection of 
obscure and unlistenable CDs made by mad Austrians 
torturing PowerBooks with cattle prods. ("Get Out" by Pita 
being a supreme example). 

But then something happened. I was a member of the 
achingly hip Web-designer/flasher hangout, 
where one of the threads was on folks' favorite music. Along 
with all the usual suspects I noticed a remarkable number of 
hipsters raving about a CD called Aenima by Tool. Who? That 
weekend I checked it out of the library and had a mini-
epiphany: Tool Fuckin' Rock(s)! And they sampled the mighty 
Bill Hicks, which meant they were fairly cool, huh? Huh? Y'see, 
I was still feeling guilty for liking this music. But anyway.... 

I bought Lateralus the day it came out, listened to it on 
headphones a few times at work, thought it was okay, not 
outstanding. But I was listening to it all wrong. Research has 
led me to conclude that the correct, and possibly only, way to 
fully appreciate this album is at extremely high volume on a 
decent hi-fi whilst massively stoned out of your gourd. Silly 

The guitars will morph into genetically-engineered cyborg 
sharks which will eat your mind. Maynard's lyrics will reveal 
their full transcendent wisdom. The unbelievably good 
production will convince you that this is alien music, and 
when "Parabol" kicks into "Parabola" you will, I guarantee, 
just about lose your shit. Seventy-eight minutes will seem 
woefully short. The album will end just as you are starting to 
get into an interesting headspace. You will be impatient for 
the next Tool CD, which will be a 7-hour long concept-film 
DVD based on "Cosmic Trigger," William Blake, "VALIS" by 
Philip K. Dick and all sorts of other dreadfully clever and 
esoteric stuff. You will, for an hour and a bit, be 15 again. Try 
it, it's fun. 

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