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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: VG(National newspaper in Norway)

Date: May, 2001

Transcribed by
herman rasmussen (

 title: Tool - Lateralus
author: Stein Østbø
"You need to have a good portion of patience and a free 
mind to walk along in to the world of Tool.

For someone the world will never move further. The 
pretencious and still full og anger metal-symfonics in Tool 
definatly belongs in this category with their perfectionised 
coctail of art-rock and prog-metal.

Lateralus - Their first album in 5 years since Aenima sold a 
couple of millions in the U.S, lasts almost 80(!) minutes.
The songs featured on the album are between 6 and 12 
minutes, and in best progressive style they are filled with 
complaining and dark instrumental parts with metal attacks 
against the eardrum, while vocalist Maynard James Keenan 
throws out metaphysical messages that only litterature 
proffessors on a high level can understand. It's okay since 
Tool is in a league of their own in the year 2001. By all 
means, let them stay there"

(Lateralus got a 2 on a scale where 6 is the best, and I am 
now trying to locate the reviewer and let some terrorist group 
get medieval on his ass. The article was in norwegian, so I 
have tried to translate the best I could)

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