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The Tool Page: An Article


Date: May, 2002

Transcribed by
Stu (

 title: Ozzfest Gets Czech Republic Roaring
author: Teri vanHorn

(excerpt mentioning tool)

"Not many of you know this, but we're Ozzy's favorite band," 
Tool singer Maynard James Keenan said as the group 
headed into "Schism" midway through its set. "And this is his 
favorite song, almost as much as the last one, but not as 
much as the next one."

Keenan assumed his usual position as the background man, 
defying rock star convention by performing the entire show on 
a platform at the rear of the stage, with his body turned 
toward drummer Danny Carey. The singer wore a T-shirt 
featuring a rather communist-like red star and sported a 
streak of black paint down the middle of this scalp and face, 
which essentially served to give his profile a shadow. Guitarist 
Adam Jones and bassist Justin Chancellor also faced inward 
most of the set, as if directing the crowd to concentrate on 
the music and the elaborate video show, not on them.

The three video screens  two gigantic ones towering above 
the stage and one small one framing Keenan  were blank 
during the first two songs, but were up and running for 
Lateralus's "Parabol." The sometimes-disturbing footage, 
which included naked bodies contorting in various positions, 
flailing underwater and engaging in unusual sexual acts, took 
on a more dramatic effect as the show went on and the sky 
darkened, thus sharpening the images onscreen.

The band won the strongest applause with the 
instrumental "Triad," which saw Slayer's original drummer 
Dave Lombardo joining in for a double-kit assault.

"Thank you for your support, thank you for your patience," 
Keenan said. "Hopefully you were inspired by something you 
heard today, and hopefully you'll take something home with 
you and make something positive out of it."

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