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A TOOL-Related Interview

Online Interview from AOL

Date: November 22, 1995

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You have probably already seen it.  It isn't all that great, but I thought
I would send it to you anyway.  It was done on AOL on Nov.  22nd with
Maynard and Justin.  It is pretty old but... The audience contributed
questions (pretty damn dumb ones), and they (typically sarcastically)

OnlineHost: Copyright 1995 America Online, Inc. All Rights Reserved. OnlineHost: Your host tonight is CSEmcee8 (JonEdE.) OnlineHost: You're live in America with Zima Talk, the nation's first late night chat show. This week's guest is Tool!!! CSEmcee8: Welcome, Tool! Tool: Hi! Question: When is Tool's next album coming out? Tool: Next year, maybe summer. Question: Who's your new bassist? Tool: Justin Chancellor, from England. Question: Your bio states that you "did not form with profit margins in mind." True? Tool: No, not true. Question: Who is your greatest influence? Tool: Joni Mitchell. Question: Are you currently touring? Tool: No. Question: I love you guys! I heard you change your lyrics at every concert, is this true? Tool: No, not every concert, every third one. Question: Tool, how should I go about "making it" in the music industry, where should I go, and what are the chances these days? Tool: Your best bet is to take some courses in accounting with an eye to the future. Question: Which band member created the strange song at the end , and the guy talking after that? And what was the inspiration of the last? Tool: All four of them. Question: What inspired the song Swamp Song off of Undertow? Tool: Someone's ex-girlfriend. OnlineHost: TOOL STICKER ***TOOL STICKER *** ---- If you are one of the first ten (10) people to e-mail to screen name "Zima0002" you will receive a FREE TOOL STICKER. Title your message "STICKER" and in the body of your message, please include your home address including city, state and zip. Only one sticker per screen name will be awarded! --------- Question: Like in Opiate will there be live tracks in the new album? Tool: I don't know, it's not finished. (Maynard) Question: What kind of guitars do you use? Tool: I don't use any guitars, I sing. (Maynard). Justin said: "I play basses." Question: What is your favorite 60's group? Tool: I don't remember, that was a long time ago. (Maynard). Gong. (Justin). Question: I hear that you have been in the studios recording some new material to be released? Tool: You heard wrong. Question: Are you guys still pals with Rage? Tool: Sure. Question: Will you all be involved in the video production? Do you like doing that? Are you getting more label support? Same label? Tool: Yes. Yes. No. Yes. Question: Dear Maynard, do you like Beavis and Butthead? Tool: I don't know, do you? Question: How old are you guys? Tool: 109 years old. Question: Any Rollins help on upcoming projects? Tool: No thanks. Question: What do you think of Front 242? Tool: They were really nice guys. Question: How did you come up with Tool for a name? Tool: At a swap meet, I traded Tarzan Man dance for it. Question: I saw you at Lollapalooza, and it was incredible. When will you tour next? Tool: We will tour next year. Question: How many demos did you guys do before you were signed? Tool: We didn't do any demos. Question: What kind of sound set up do you guys use at concerts? Shouldn't you be writing songs right now rather than playing on a computer? Tool: Yes. Question: Whose idea was it for the videos? (the best videos ever) Tool: Adam Jones. Question: What is the last bit on the CD about? " you woke up in your ditch, etc.?" Tool: It's about 30 seconds long. Question: The message from Bob, the landlord, at the end of Disgustipated is supposedly from a book. What book? Tool: His name is Bill, not Bob and it is from no book. Question: What is the idea behind the tune Sober? Tool: What do you think it's about? OnlineHost: FREE POSTER *** FREE POSTER *** ---- If you are one of the first six (6) people to e-mail to screen name "Zima0002" you will receive a FREE TOOL POSTER. Title your message "POSTER" and in the body of your message, please include your home address including city, state and zip. Only one poster per screen name will be awarded! --------- Question: Is there any truth to the rumor of a TOOL, Rage, FAITH NO MORE tour, and if not why not? That would RULE! Tool: There is no truth to that. Question: What exactly is tattooed on your back? Tool: A drawing that I made. Question: What is your favorite city to play in? Tool: Christiana. Question: You are truly a revolutionary band in the music industry. What created your current original sound? Tool: Nothing we are doing is original. All you have to do is listen to the music we listened to as kids and you will see what I mean. Question: How do you feel about the rap industry? Do you think rock 'n' roll's future is being threatened? Tool: The question should be, do I care? Question: What is your favorite 90's band? Tool: Is P.J Harvey considered a band? Question: I enjoy those killer animations from your videos. Any plans for a feature video? Tool: Sometime in the future, not at this time, however. Question: Are you all still involved in commercial art, or can you spend full time as a band? Tool: We've never been involved in commercial art, unless you consider feature films commercial art. Question: Why have you guys been out of the spotlight for so long? Tool: We were on the road for two years and we have been writing for a year. OnlineHost: WIN TEN COMPLETELY FREE HOURS-------- COUNT 'EM ---------- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 -------- GOTO KEYWORD: ZIMA----JOIN TRIBE Z ------- and have the chance to win 10 FREE HOURS!!! ----- 20 WINNERS PER WEEK! Question: Where did you guys first meet? Tool: Los Angeles at the White Swallow Pub. Question: Why did the long form video never get released? (Funny how record stores still have a product ID #). Tool: There was never a long-form video. Question: Do you have a fan club and how can I join? Tool: Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to 8391 Beverly Blvd. P.O. Box 298, LA, CA 90048. Question: What do you guys think of MTV? Tool: They helped pay my rent. Question: The pictures on your albums, are they all of the group? Tool: Not all of them are of the group, but all of the group is on them. Question: Silverchair cites you guys as an influence, have you heard them and what do you think of them if you have? Tool: It's hard to say. Question: Why did Paul Leave? Tool: He came down with Intittlitis. Question: Hey Maynard, what's the deal with the little poem-deal at the end of Disgustipated? Is it your own, what's it called, etc.? Tool: It's a message left by Bill the landlord. Comment: I saw you at "RockStock" with Candlebox, etc. You should have been the main attraction! Tool: Thank you. Question: Who writes the songs and how? Tool: We do. On instruments. OnlineHost: ENTER CAPTION CONTEST AND WIN $250 GOTO KEYWORD:ZIMA FOR MORE INFO Question: Do you think you will ever tour with Nine Inch Nails? Tool: Anything is possible. Question: How long did it take to make the Sober and Prison Sex videos? Tool: Three months each. Question: What do you guys do in your spare time? Tool: I work in my garden. (Maynard) Drink New Castle brown ale. (Justin) Question: Was the spoken part on Disgustipated an answering machine call from your landlord or a killer talking? Tool: The message was from Bill the landlord. Question: How did you come about to sing on the Rage against the Machine album? Tool: I happened to be available. They couldn't find a bigger rock star to do it. OnlineHost: Get exclusive Tool photos and sounds at the "Zima Talk" area of Tribe Z *** Remember, you HAVE to be a Tribe Z member to get the exclusive photos and sounds!!! Question: What's Disgustipated all about? Tool: It's all about, "this is necessary, life feeds on life." Question: What's with the album artwork for UNDERTOW? Tool: I don't know, what's with it? Question: How much input did you have on selection of photos for the Sober CD and who was the photographer? Tool: What Sober CD? Are you talking about the single or the bootleg? Question: Do any movies or TV shows have any inspiration on your music? Tool: Yes. CSEmcee8: Our thanks to Tool for joining us tonight, and we apologize for the abrupt ending tonight. Thanks for your great questions, and thanks for coming! Good night! OnlineHost: Copyright 1995 America Online, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Transmitted: 11/23/95 11:44 AM

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