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A TOOL-Related Document

A Conversation w/Karen Gelardi of Gilardi Design, Portland ME

Date: December 7, 1996

Transcribed by Jeff the bully (

Notes for the Tool Fans-from a conversation with Karen Gelardi of Gilardi 
Design, Portland Me., Sat.Dec.7; Re: The Multi-image process. It was 
Develped & Patented by her Father, Tony Gilardi R.I. Scool of Design and 
Steve Santone M.I.T. 

The Acrylic Lenticular case is Manufactured by Olammon Industries wich is 
owned and operated by the"Tribe of the Penobscots" of the Penobscot 
Indian Nation, located on Indian Island on the Penobscot River in 
Old-town Maine...
did I mention they are INDIANS..ALL of them... 

Karen offered a few interesting tid-bits, and she was able to confirm 
that the band has always referred to the smokebox 
as....(right on Headake) a "smokebox"

Optimize the viewing of your Multi-Images.. there are two factors to 
consider...first off, if you haven't noticed, the liner is designed to 
stand off from the inside face of the acrylic by just a little bit. if 
your not getting a really dramatic effect from your Multi-Image, try 
repositioning the sleeve so that it is not directly touching the lense, 
in order to achieve the -"optimum focal point". there is also the optimum 
viewing distance wich is "arms-length" according to Karen Gilardi. also 
try viewing under direct flourescent lighting.

The band (Adam, along with Kevin Willis) collaborated with Concetta 
Halstead, (liner notes) who is affiliated with D.Z.N. in L.A., from there 
the work was sent to Karen Gilardi on "merge ready Build Files" and 
manipulated into the Multi-Image format with Adobe Photoshop. 
According to Gelardi, Something had to be edited out of Danny's image on 
the "Naked Couch Scene" and it wasn't his third eye! and 
sure enough, if you look closely, there is a 'shadow behind his left hand 
in two of the multi-image stills. evidence of re-touching. 
How modest!...

I Started on this MAINE query a month ago Kabir, you remember?
Gilardi and the Indians, were just the tip of the Ice-berg..Ive still got 
stories on the Mastering at Gateway Studios in Portland Me. and what 
about this shit Bro!!! Ænima is just a fancy anagram for MAINE.....

kabir/akhtar | kabir@t.d.n